Murder/Suicide – Soldier Commits The Act

Ten (10) years of marriage, wife 30 years of age and soldier 35 years of age; this is how it ended.  2016 is in full swing, and absolutely no lessons have been learnt from the said types of killings as reported in 2015.  Where do we go from here in our advice to man/woman affair?   No where……………..

We live in a society where our people are heartless, devoid of love in the truest sense of the word and are obsessed with the ‘ego’.  Those whose belief system is bordered on obsession, control, greed, displaying weakness of mind, body and spirit will undoubtedly continue on this trajectory.   Until they empower themselves recognising that worship is designed not for man/woman but a supreme being your advice will always fall on deaf ears.  Where does empowerment comes from?  First it starts with willingness, openness to grasp the fact that you are owed nothing on Planet Earth, much less from a man or woman.  Your relationship is not for ‘sale’.  You are an individual and your self worth does not reside in the affections of man/woman.  You do not have the capability to change a single soul.  If it appears you have done so by threats, or control, it usually is short lived hence the ultimate act of weakness murder/suicide. 


Murder-suicide in Clarendon … Soldier kills wife, self

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | January 24, 2016 | 10:53
JDF solider, Lance Corporal Junior Wallace and his wife 30-year-old Christina Dawkins in happier times.
JDF solider lance Corporal Junior Wallace

The Clarendon Police are now investigating a case of murder-suicide involving a Jamaica Defence Force soldier and his wife.

The incident took place last night at the couple’s home in Park Hall near James Hill in northern Clarendon.

The couple has been identified as 35-year-old JDF solider, Lance Corporal Junior Wallace and his wife 30-year-old Christina Dawkins – a third year architecture student at the University of Technology.

The police report that relatives had not seen the couple for more than a day and went to their house in search of them.

They kicked in the door to the house and found the bodies of Dawkins and Wallace in their bedroom.

Dawkins had two gunshots to her upper body and Wallace had a single bullet wound to the right side of his head.

The police have confirmed that the incident was a murder-suicide.

The couple who had been married ten years died leaving a son. 

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