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Talk to me, talk to me………………..with clarity, precision truth and transparency.  Two dead baby girls at such tender ages were left unsupervised.   They say one should not jump to conclusions or make assumptions.  Both true but understand this and be very clear as to my proferring’s.  Providing our media is not motivated by sensationalism so much so the information below reported becomes a stark contrast at a later date or in a few yours time.

‘Sources claim the children were left at home unsupervised.’

Any day it is going to become acceptable that you can leave minors on their own for even 5 minutes whether to pop up or  down to the shop, next door or otherwise is the day you fully understand how much parenting skills have degenerated beyond the pit.  Forget about being our neighbours keepers as in these times your neighbour could very well be a serial killer or closely linked to one.   Of the criminal underworld with either a face of an angel or that of a demon.  Whichever the case is, the onus must be on the guardian, parents, caregiver to ensure children are protected outside of food, clothes and shelter.

I will reserve further commentary until charges are laid on someone.  Note, I will be following up this case closely as there is a story to be shared with the lives of these 2 cuties gone.

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Cops question mother after two girls found dead in St Andrew apartment

Photo of the two young girls whose bodies were found in an apartment on SaturdayPhoto of the two young girls whose bodies were found in an apartment on Saturday

Police are now questioning the mother of the two young girls whose bodies were found inside an apartment at the Washington Court complex, off Washington Boulevard in St Andrew, on Saturday.

“We can confirm that the mother and several other persons are being questioned in relation to the case,” detectives from St Andrew Central police division told Loop News.

Police said so far no one has been charged in relation to the development but hinted that things could change as the investigations progress.

Two girls said to be ages five and six were pronounced dead at the Bustamante Children’s Hospital on Saturday morning after they were taken to the facility by family members.

Details are unclear as to what caused the death but sources say strange marks were found on the bodies of the children.

Sources claim the children were left at home unsupervised.

The death of the children has left residents in the area in shock.

“Have mercy on us father what is this I am hearing why Lord why,” one woman said as she wept openly and had to be consoled by close relatives.

The woman made the comment metres away from where a team of detectives were seen carrying out their investigations.

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