Loud and Clear We Hear You National Security Minister- God Chose You!!!!!

We now have two ministers who have publicly called upon God to intervene on the Roc as crime spirals out of control.  The first was the former Minister Peter Bunting (PNP) and now the current holder of that portfolio, Minister Robert Montague (JLP).  Excellent they both now agree on that front despite the lack of support the former minister received when he uttered words asking for Divine Intervention.  While the past is the past it is always referred to as is customary in politics and almost everything else in life.

What we must note, however, is that Jamaica a Christian country will always cry out to the Supreme Being in times of crisis or impending crisis.  The Church is where you will see them flock and it is not unusual to see leaders and politicians in this society seek prayers when they do not have the answers.  From the looks of things, more prayers are being sought now as all there seems to be are proposals, proposals, talk, talk, talk and absolutely no solution to what is ailing the Roc.  The Minister, government and others are now asking the Church to play a more dominant role in the fight against crime.  According to the Minister, the Church needs to come out of the house of God on either a Saturday or Sunday and take to the Streets and have church there.  It is widely known that the Seventh Day Adventists worship on a Saturday.

It is no longer the politician that can fix it, rather God according to this government minister.  The Church relevance which is sought now more aggressively is only the beginning.  As we progress in times to come, the Church will be called upon more and our memories must not become muddled when we may have to refer to arguments re Church and State.

Montague: God picked me to tackle crime

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, October 16, 2016 189 Comments

MONTAGUE … the spate of crime didn’t start on February 25, 2016

ROSE HALL, St James — National Security Minister Robert Montague says he was specially picked by God to tackle the crime monster on the prowl in Jamaica.

“I have been truly blessed and I cannot deny that I have been blessed. Many of us will prefer, and can, like experts, tell us what is wrong and we can complain and we can find fault; but I am blessed. I am specially chosen by my God to be here to confront what confronts Jamaica and I am confident that with the prayer of everyone, we will overcome,” Montague stated.

“Many persons will tell you that we face serious times. But I don’t tell God how big my problems are, I tell my problems how great my God is.”

He was addressing the Jamaica Christian Diaspora Conference held at the Iberostar Rose Hall Resorts in St James on Friday.

Noting that the crime problem existed long before the Jamaica Labour Party formed the current Administration, the security minister however argued that with political will, it can be successfully addressed.

“We are here where we are and it took a long time to get here and it is not going to be easy to leave here. But we will leave here. It is not going to be overnight, it is not going to be instant, but it is going to take unity, hard work, a political will, and a belief in what is good about Jamaica,” Montague said.

“The spate of crime in Jamaica did not start last night, did not start last week, and it certainly, members of the press, did not start on the 25th of February 2016.”

He bemoaned that despite the trending down of other crimes, the Jamaican culture of measuring the crime index is by the number of murders.

“No matter what the levels of crime go down, we don’t see it if murders are up because we count crime by the murder index. So in all the other categories of crime trending down, but murder is two per cent up and that is what we as Jamaicans use as the index and we have to confront it,” Montague argued.

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