Look Like Something A Go Gwaan – Crime Monster, Beast All In One

So here we are, movements, movements, ZOSO, (Zones of Special Operations).  I dun tell oono sey personally it is my belief that all rights are not absolute based on the matter at hand.  For any semblance of normality to be restored upon the Roc, I am all for a joint Police and Military State for a period of 24 months.  For too long we have been debating, posturing, preaching while the terrorists carry out their mandate with a high success rate of 90%, leaving the citizenry state of being in total mayhem.

In order to get to the root, drastic measures must be implored for us to have a fighting chance.  Suh di terrorists kill dem one another a suh di ooman dem push out a nether set of terrorists.  How do you deal with that reality?  In the mix when the rambo style onslaught unfolds, innocent people get caught up even losing their lives.   You are on the way to work, BAM, road block find another exit immediately before shot start fi fire.  This is reality on the Roc morning, noon and night.  So tell me, how can you play politics in battling crime?  I feel the very same way with healthcare.  Wen shot a fire, u tink dem a ask u if u a green or orange?    Wen sickness tek u, it matters whether u a green or orange?

The restoration of law and order or the perception that terrorists have invaded our country leaving the powers of be sitting ducks who fraid like puss to tek it to dem, must not be seen as truth.  The notion that politicians created this now eventual beast by being silent decades ago due to control of territories and votes to win election must not continue to be the silent conversation piece amongst many groups.  The belief that Don’s played an integral role in our politics leaving politicians to turn a blind eye and decades later we have reaped what they sowed must end.  Who controlling who is evidenced by those feeling powerless thereby hiding behind ‘human rights’.

We are bleeding as a nation with no exponential growth ever to be realised with law and order the way it is.    Forget about economic growth, we are slaves to the IMF.   We need more than economic growth as taxation cannot be a growth initiative.  Where there is anarchy there will be decay.  What level of productivity can a country expect to gain when the rule of law remains toothless in a country where rising levels of indiscipline, murder, corruption far outweigh decency whether moral or otherwise?  We need men and women with courage who will face those who wish to destroy this land.  Many lives will be lost in this quest, but understand this, get clarity……………..There are always causalities in war, and Jamaica is at WAR with local terrorists.  It is better to die trying, than to die as sitting ducks complaining.


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25 detained

More than 100 cops, soldiers shut down Mount Salem, the first special zone

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, September 02, 2017 13 Comments

A policeman questions a resident in the tough Mount Salem community during yesterday’s curfew in the area. (Photo: Philp Lemonte)

MOUNT SALEM, St James — More than 25 people were reportedly detained in the Mount Salem Police Division here in St James yesterday during the first day of operations under the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO).

At a press conference in Kingston yesterday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared the Mount Salem Police Division in St James the first zone of special operations under a recently passed law because of increasing crime in the community.

Prime Minister Holness, in declaring the first special zone at a press conference held at Jamaica House, said, “The rule of law must be upheld and preserved in every nook and cranny of Jamaica. We can no longer afford any area to provide a safe haven for criminals to hide. Zone by zone, community by community, square inch by square inch, we will establish and restore public order, citizen security and public safety. We will make Jamaica safe again.”

Holness said the decision to declare Mount Salem as the first zone was based on police statistics, which show that the area is a major crime hotspot.

The Law Reform (Zones of Social Operations) (Special Security and Community Development Measures) Act, 2017 allows the security forces to operate under special conditions in a designated geographical area.

Yesterday, the police imposed a curfew in Mount Salem, including the tough Crawford Street community, which police say has accounted for 16 of the 54 reported murders committed in the police division since the start of the year.

The curfew which began at 6:00 am will remain in effect until 6:00am tomorrow

Police say there are roughly 12 gangs operating in the division, some of which Deputy Commissioner Clifford Blake yesterday named as Junglists Alliance, Texas Faction, Temple Lane, and OG.

“In 2014 there were 46 murders in Mount Salem and its environs; in 2015 it rose to 70 murders; in 2016 the figure was 85 murders; and so far 54 murders have been recorded,” Blake told reporters at the Jamaica House press conference as he sought to justify why the St James community was selected for special attention

When the Jamaica Observer visited sections of Mount Salem yesterday a number of lawmen were observed interacting with residents.

One resident told the Observer that the lawmen could not have come at a better time. “I personally welcome the police and the military in the area.

“At least we will feel more secure now. They are needed in the community because there is just too much crime and violence here,” said the woman.

Councillor for the Mount Salem Division Kerry Thomas told the Observer that there have been “mixed feelings” among residents about the operation.

“Some residents welcome them but others are saying that they are inconvenienced by the operation,” said Thomas, who represents the Opposition People’s National Party.

He argued, however, that “at the end of day we hope and trust that the lawmen don’t abuse their power”.

Meanwhile, a police sergeant who was a part of yesterday’s operations in Mount Salem said the security forces were “on top of things” in the area.

“So far, everything is going well,” he said, adding that the security forces were getting “good support and cooperation” from residents.

President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI) T’Shura Gibbs yesterday welcomed the declaration of the first Zone of Special Operation in St James, which has jumped in violent crimes over the past few years, with a number of them linked to the deadly lottery scam.

“We asked for affirmative actions and we have seen affirmative action,” Gibbs said.

She, however, questioned if individuals who had left for work early would have difficulties returning home, given the imposition of a curfew in the special zone.

In addition, the chamber president had concerns over whether justices of the peace were sufficiently briefed to undertake their responsibilities.

“Is everything in place? Are we ready for full implementation? Are the JPs briefed and are the ones who are going to be assigned to this community of Mount Salem in Montego Bay trained and adequately prepared to undertake the role that they are expecting to undertake, commencing today (yesterday)?” Gibbs questioned.

Acting Custos of St James Claudette Bryan assured the Observer that justices of the peace were ready.

“We have adequate justices of the peace. We don’t have any concerns at the moment,” said Bryan.

Gibbs, meanwhile, said she was pleased to see that there was not a “mass roll-out across the entire country, but that we have selected one community”.

“I hope that we will now make sure to perfect it in that community before we consider rolling out across the country,” the MBCCI president stated, adding that she would love to see a press conference in Montego Bay on the roll-out of the Zones of Special Operations.

The more than 100 members of the security forces who were assigned for duties in Mount Salem yesterday are expected to remain in the community for 60 days.

Holness, however, indicated that if targets of the operation have not been met within the 60-day period the matter will be taken to Parliament where a decision would be made on whether or not the operation should be continued within the zone.

Major Godfrey Sterling of the JDF and Superintendent of Police Kirk Ricketts will have joint command of the Mount Salem zone, following written nominations by the chief of defence staff and the commissioner of police.

Holness also revealed that Omar Sweeny, managing director of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, has been appointed as deputy chairman of the Social Intervention Committee that is to be established within five working days. The committee will be required to identify social needs and the actions necessary in the special zones.

The prime minister, in an apparent response to human rights concerns, said specific measures were put in place to safeguard the integrity of the Zones of Special Operations.

“Every single weapon that is going to be used within a zone has already been registered with the Institute of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine,” he said.

He added: “All members of the JDF and JCF who are members of the joint force will have a name badge visibly displayed so they will be able to be identified by name.”

The prime minister, who said Parliament will be updated within 14 days about activities in Mount Salem, said the security council will convene periodically to receive and consider the written report of the joint command that must be submitted every 10 days.

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