Living Crosses – Passport Fraud – Di Brother Neva Know Wey Di Odder Brother A Do!!!

You see all this foolishness now.  Thirty long years and is just know authorities know wey did a gwaan?  It is stories, real cases, like these that subjects law abiding citizens to unnecessary questions by some of the frighten fridays we have occupying space in these entities.  When heads must roll, it is well erected.  Now here we have the now senior citizen hauled before the Courts when for 3 decades, no one person caught the rake.  Neither in JA, nor in Canada.  We have not even reached 20 years since 9/11 took place in the U.S.A, yet with security measures heightened from here to Timbuctoo, we have our own seasoned traveller  working in a highly recognised programme with the powers of be none the wiser as to the legality of his travel document.  I put it to you, who should be locked up at this point?  Ofcourse, I am well aware that using another one’s identity regardless of it being your twin, or family member is against the law.  I charge, however, why did it take 3 decades for this rake to be found out?  Who were the players in this dance who encountered the now senior citizen on his successful quest?

By all accounts, he completed his tenure as many persons gainfully employed are put to pasture by age 60.  I am going to tell you something, compassion would be exercised by me on this case, as I put the blame more on those who renewed the passport.  How did he get on the Canada farm work programme?  What is the purpose of finger printing, if not to be used outside of being arrested and hauled before the Courts?  We claim to be so technology savvy, please…….. I would hold those who were paid by taxpayers to ensure that a document like a passport be held to higher scrutiny in contempt and therefore must pay a heavier price than Mr Brown.

By the way, the US brother neva know wha clock a strike?  How him decide fi renew passport?  Di mother and father a keep secret with one brother ova di next?  That part makes not one drop of sense to me.  One thing is clear, there are so many twists, turns and corners that we never truly know why we are subjected to profiling when travelling.  Unless you are told, it is because of so and so, you are left speculating as ALL will carry the same basket due to nationality, perceptions and stupidity by those who share the same.


Farm worker caught travelling on brother’s passport for decades

Covering the Courts

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, February 05, 2017     18 Comments

Never try to remove the visa from your old passport and stick it into the new valid passport. If you do, your visa will no longer be valid and you will have to reapply.

A 63-year-old farm worker who had been using his brother’s passport to travel for over 30 years and renewed it twice was fined $340,000 when he appeared in court.

Errol Brown of Clonmel, St Mary was fined $120,000 or six months each on two counts of obtaining a passport by false means and $50,000 or 60 days on two counts of making a false declaration after he pleaded guilty to the charges.

The court heard that Brown’s brother, who is in the United States, applied for and was given a passport in 1983. Brown then assumed his brother’s identity and used the passport to travel.

The court also heard that he renewed the passport in 1999 and in 2009. However, in 2015 Brown’s brother applied to renew his passport via the Consulate General of Jamaica. It was then discovered that someone else had been using the passport, hence a stop order was placed on the document.

In November 2016, Brown arrived in Jamaica from Canada and was arrested and charged.

When cautioned he told the police: “A just time catch up on mi; mi know wat mi did was wrong.”

Last Friday, before Brown was sentenced by Parish Judge Pettigrew-Collins, he begged for leniency

“It was a decision taken by my parents to use the passport and it is something I regret and I am asking the court to have mercy one me,” a remorseful Brown said.

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