Life For A Life – Father Kills 3 Year Old Daughter – Now Murdered, By Whom? – Does It Matter??

Jamaica’s High Command basically came out and told the public they are frustrated with crime on the Roc.  Oh dear……………….  We are told crime is on the decrease yet almost daily a murder is reported.  How are these figures compiled, for most of us it is not even worth processing.  What we do know is that the criminal element have no fear for law enforcement and will continue to do their jobs effectively which is to kill or be killed.

This case like so many others rock this country so I am no longer shocked.  Murders, sexual assault on our most fragile the children are a regular occurrence.  On this latest reported case, the Father informed that he was going to kill his daughter and so he did.  What is interesting nonetheless is after being on the run, he turned himself in to law enforcement.  Sometime thereafter he escaped, yes, escaped and now we are told he was found murdered.   What are you most curious about?  The reasons why he killed his daughter or who murdered him?

I for one believe the reasons he killed his daughter are not worth speculating on as it will neither solve or prevent anything from happening in the future.  He is the only person that could provide those answers and you would have to first believe if he was being truthful.  However, who murdered him is rather interesting.  I have commented on many occasions that sooner than later ‘jungle justice’, anarchy will become prevalent when it is perceived that no justice is rendered in our Courts.  Backlog of 2 years much less 5 years and over is bordered on lunacy when you are the victim or someone seeking justice on behalf of a victim.

Lip service is too often given by both political parties as to the  drastic overall and changes within our law that is needed.  It is high time we scrap the jury system, and appoint judges from Caricom to become our jurors.  We MUST have night courts in all major parishes and seek to implement in short order.  Whilst we continue to debate about human rights on a number of issues relating to abolishing our jury system as it is.  The human right of others to live in a country where enforcing the law against those bent on manipulating and breaking such with no remorse is not absolute as is evident.  Something is grossly wrong with that reality.  So while we continue to govern this country and are at a loss on how to get a grip on crime with a population of under 3 million.   Those who can get justice will do so in their own way.  In the end, everybody will reap what they sow.  Crime affects all classes regardless of the strength of your dollar.  Those who have influence with the political big wigs, I suggest you influence drastic changes to our existing law as it stands.  If not, there can be no exponential growth when our crime rate is the only thing that is exponential.

Father of murdered 3-y-o girl found dead

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, April 29, 2016 | 7:56 AM     64 Comments

ST JAMES, Jamaica — A highly placed police source has revealed that the bullet riddled body of Roosevelt Thomas, who is believed to have murdered his three-year-old, daughter, Leashay Thomas, was found at a house in the parish last night.

According to the police source, the father yesterday escaped custody by jumping through a window at the Barnett Street Police Station where he was being questioned in connection with his daughter’s killing.

However, about 9:00 last night his body was discovered in an abandoned house along Joan’s Avenue in Glendevon, St James.

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