To give you an idea of the seriousness of this upcoming general election take a view those of you thousands and thousands of miles away called the ‘Diaspora’.  Those living on the Roc who are aware or interested in the political process, take a view also.

It is a tragedy when our illiterate are mislead.  However, when our educated who have at least at minimum, a 9th grade education and those at the tertiary level fail to read and reason, one wonders if education is all that it is cracked up to be.     Whatever you stand for, your children most likely will stand for.  YOU should be your children role model not social media, dancehall, hollywood, bollywood or jammywood.  Start debating the issues of life with them and less on the flosses of life.  If they are not able to debate the issues of life when they reach teenagers, then when they become adults you better be prepared to continue to nurture them and also their children.  What are you reading and what are your kids reading?  Propaganda is ingrained in your psyche and if you can’t reason on that as Adults, then you surely will not be able to prepare the next generation.  Do you want your child to become a follower or a leader?  Surely we cannot all become leaders but we can become wise followers if we know how to debate the issues of substance.  



Deceitful act! Police commissioner blasts use of cops’ images on JLP fliers


(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | February 23, 2016 | 3:33 PM
Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams, has blasted unscrupulous persons who have used the images of images of members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to create campaign paraphernalia for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

In statement today, Dr. Williams says persons took a photograph posted on its official Facebook page in 2012 and manipulated the image the give impression that the five on-duty police personnel and by extension the JCF, are a part of the JLP’s campaign machinery. 

He says the use of image in this fashion is an unfortunate and deceitful act.

According to the police commissioner, the action has put the members in an uncomfortable position and at risk of unnecessary negative attention, especially during this emotionally-charged period.

Williams stresses that the creation and publication of these images in no way defines the political position of the organisation emphasising that the JCF is a neutral body.

He says he condemns the use of these images, and explicitly notes that the JCF categorically distances itself from these images and their designer.

The police commissioner says the JCF cannot afford and will not allow the continued use of the images which he says may serve to malign the professional conduct which the Police have and will continue to display during the election period.

Meanwhile, Williams reiterated that all police personnel should desist from overt expressions of support for one party or another.

He points that this is prohibited as outlined in the JCF’s Book of Rules.

The police commissioner says the Inspectorate of Constabulary will be monitoring the general professionalism of members on Election Day and will investigate reports of police misconduct or unprofessional behaviour.

He says any member who acts in a manner counter to the set rules of operations will be severely dealt with.

*Note: Earlier we reported that the Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams blasted the JLP for the unauthorised use of the images of JCF members as part of its election campaign. Dr Williams did not name the JLP in his statement but spoke to person(s) who created the paraphernalia for the JLP.  

Juliet Holness, brother file suit against Phillips and four other PNP sympathisers

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2016 | 1:35 PM
Juliet Holness and Andrew Holness exchange words at a JLP gathering. 

The wife of the Leader of the Opposition Juliet Holness and her brother Stephen Landell have filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Peter Phillips  and four others arising from what they described as false,  malicious and defamatory statements made against Mrs Holness twice this month.

The other defendants:

1. Omar Newell, a PNP executive member; the general secretary of The Patriots, the PNP Region II  secretary and operator of a twitter account

2. Dorothy Buchanan, the operator of a Facebook account, a PNP sympathiser  and the mother of PNP St Elizabeth South West, Hugh Buchanan

3. Kadia Francis, the operator of a Facebook account special assistant to Arnaldo Brown at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

4. Kerron (Zabby) Woods Saunders, the operator of a Facebook account.a franchise protection officer at Jamaica Urban Transit Company, a PNP sympathiser.

Attorney-at-law Chukwuemeka Cameron who is representing the claimants explained that it was not just an ordinary libel suit that was filed but it is also a claim in which declarations are being sought from the court to protect the rights of citizens to  free and  fair elections.

Mrs Holness is seeking several declarations, one of which is that, by publishing  the untrue statement Dr Phillips created conditions that are not conducive to the attainment of free and fair elections.

She is also seeking an injunction to bar the defendants from making any further alleged defamatory comments.

She contends in court documents that the public relations campaign which centred around the untrue and defamatory words was calculated to ensure that the PNP would win the seat that she is contesting and ultimately ensure that the PNP is returned to power.

The suit stemmed from comments allegedly made by Dr Phillips at  presence conference held by the  People’s National Party on February 12 and at a mass rally in Manchester on February 14.

Mrs Holness, a real  estate developer,  is a Jamaica Labour Party candidate for St Andrew East Rural in the general election on Thursday.

The claimants outlined in court documents that the defamatory remarks by Dr Phillips were made in relation to his call for the Leader of the Opposition to disclose  to the public, the source of the funds for the construction of his Beverly Hills mansion.

They said Dr Phillips knew that the media would be present at both meetings  and therefore it was natural and foreseeable that the said words would be published in the electronic and published media.

They contend that Dr  Phillips intended that the alleged defamatory words would be republished in the mass media as part of the campaign strategy to destroy Mrs Holness’ integrity.

She further claims that Phillips made the alleged defamatory statement with the improper motive of ensuring her defeat at the polls on February 25.

Stephen Landall, a critical care nurse, living in New York, and Mrs’ Holness’ only brother, is suing because of comments allegedly made about him by persons who responded to the statements made by Phillips.

Comments made by some persons on social media allegedly described convicted Jamaican drug dealer Andrew Wayne Landells who is serving a sentence of 15 years in the USA as Mrs Holness’ brother.

Mrs Holness said since the publications, she has assisted her parents to issue photographs of her brother as well as a press release to make it known that the convicted drug dealer was not related to them.

Mrs Holness claims that Dr Phillips as campaign manager published the alleged defamatory statements knowing that the voting public considers integrity to be an important issue in determining who they vote for.

She said he published the statements knowing that it was public knowledge that she was the wife of JLP Leader Andrew Holness, she was a real estate developer and that she was responsible for the construction of the house. She claims that Dr Phillips was aware of the false and defamatory publications on social media  about her and her brother prior to the mass rally in Manchester on February 14 .

 She  contends that Dr Phillips was aware that ordinary persons and media practitioners would believe that when he asks or frame questions in a certain manner, he has information or evidence to support it.

Mrs Holness further claims that based on his position and as former Minister of National Security, the members of the public would place heavy weight on his utterances as he had at all material times the “strategic objective of investigating, preventing and managing enforcement of financial crimes such as money laundering.”

The claimants say they will be seeking an injunction to bar Dr Phillips and the other defendants from continuing the alleged defamatory statements.

They also say they will be seeking damages for slander and libel.

They are seeking aggravated damages for the alleged defamatory words published, and exemplary damages to express the sense of outrage that the conduct of the defendants allegedly evoked.  

JLP writes to Political Ombudsman about possible Election Day fraud

(Jamaica Gleaner)Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2016 | 4:10 PM
Johnson Smith: We have heard from credible sources that yesterday electoral ink was removed from the stock of the Electoral Office.
The Jamaica Labour (JLP) has written to the Political Ombudsman expressing concern about misconduct on Election Day by People’s National Party (PNP) supporters.

The party says it has come to its attention that PNP supporters intend to disrupt the election process.

“We have heard from credible sources that yesterday electoral ink was removed from the stock of the Electoral Office issued or in use for the purposes of voting by the security forces and election-day workers,” said Kamina Johnson Smith, JLP spokesperson in a media release.

According to her, a reported has also been filed to the Commissioner of Police and the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica and the JLP expects a full investigation by all relevant parties. 

The party is urging Jamaicans to be on the lookout for any misconduct during the election process leading up to and on Election Day.

“We will not stand for any attempt at subverting the rights of Jamaicans to vote, nor allow our democratic process to be tainted. Our supporters will be on alert for any attempt at voter fraud,” said Johnson Smith.

She says people  should immediately report irregularities to the Electoral Commission.

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