LEAN Governance – Never!!!!!!! – Stop Waste Energy

Whether it is the PNP or the JLP, their makeup consists of 100% Jamaicans with expertise in conducting business in true Jamaican fashion.  24 hrs in a day, using 5hrs to meet, greet, meet, greet, chant, protest, posture and the rest, our outcome reflects that.  Public governance and efficiency hardly applies in the same sentence as we simply lack the energy, attitude, where with all to move at a pace faster than the ‘cool running’s’ anthem.  We have several anthems that not only promote tourism but highlights how we govern in the public sector.

The size of our Island and heaviness of our government and opposition is through design.   The vast majority are a set of talkers and outlining their accomplishments, notable progress is more of an election campaign gimmick rather than an ‘accountability’ issue.  With that said, we have  no choice but to make comparisons between the two major parties, private sector entities, micro and macro businesses in how we govern, manage and lead.

We suffer greatly from having any sense of urgency in our attitudes to conduct business.  We project first world ambitions yet operate as we have been, which is less than.  We cannot justify the levels of bureaucracy in most areas of business; so we give lip service to change.  With the years going by, where has the change been or where have they come from?

A country requires governance and so politics is inherent.  As a democratic nation, we have no choice but to select on that premise.  So the question is, who is willing to offer themselves up for political office/service?  What is the role of the citizens of this country with respect to politics?

I say this, if you do not like it, vote and make a change when the opportunity presents itself.  Change requires action, not a bag a chat.  This is as good as it gets.  If we intend to see a leaner government by either side of any significant reduction in numbers, then appoint persons who are prepared to shift the culture in how we conduct business on this ‘vacation’ Island.  The slogan, ‘no problem’ does not apply to our style of governance.  Our idea of efficiency, effectiveness and time management is one of theory where the practice has left us forever lacking and wanting.  ‘Age’…………..does it really matter when across the border irrespective of ‘age’ the outcome remains the same from both political parties?  A mind shift followed by action can only help our governance in both the public and private sector.


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PNP names 27-member shadow Cabinet

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, September 29, 2017 (55 Comments)

Opposition leader and President of the People’s National Party Dr Peter Phillips (centre) outlines the mandate of the shadow Cabinet ministers yesterday at a press conference at the party’s Old Hope Road headquarters in Kingston. Also photographed are Opposition spokesperson on national security and newly elected party chairman Fitz Jackson (right) and Julian Robinson, party general secretary and Opposition spokesperson on science and technology. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

LEADER of the People’s National Party (PNP) Dr Peter Phillips yesterday named two non-parliamentarians to his 27-member team of shadow spokespersons and deputies.

The two — outspoken politician Damion Crawford and attorney Donna Scott Mottley — are, however, expected to replace Opposition senators Mark Golding and Angela Brown Burke in the Senate after the two contest the upcoming by-elections in St Andrew South and St Andrew South Western, respectively. They are both safe seats which the PNP candidates are expected to win easily.

The two St Andrew seats were vacated earlier this year by Dr Omar Davies and former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Members of the shadow Cabinet, named by Phillips yesterday at a press conference at the PNP’s headquarters in Kingston are:

• Peter Phillips, Leader of the Opposition and spokesman on defence;

• Mark Golding, finance and planning;

• Lambert Brown, public service;

Angela Brown Burke, local government;

• Damion Crawford, youth and culture;

• Donna Scott Mottley, justice

• Julian Robinson, science and technology;

• Mikael Phillips, transport & works;

• Richard Azan, housing;

• Ian Hayles, water andclimate change;

• Ronald Thwaites, education and training;

• Michael Stewart, training;

• Noel Arscott, community development and social transformation;

• Dr Dayton Campbell, health;

• Fitz Jackson, national security;

• Peter Bunting, industry, investment and competitiveness;

• Philip Paulwell, mining and energy and leader of Opposition business in the House;

• Dr Fenton Ferguson, agriculture and rural development;

• Victor Wright, rural development;

• Wykeham McNeill, tourism and entertainment;

• Horace Dalley, labour and welfare;

• Senator Floyd Morris, welfare;

• Senator Sophia Fraser Binns, land and environment;

• Anthony Hylton, development and national physical planning, and the National Housing Trust;

• Lisa Hanna, foreign affairs and foreign trade; and

• Natalie Neita, sports, information and gender, and deputy leader of Opposition business in the House of Representatives.

Fraser Binns, Neita and Hylton will work from the Office of the Leader of the Opposition.

“This team is a mixture of experience and youthfulness,” Phillips told journalists yesterday. “They are all very competent people, as are the other members of the team in the House and the Senate.”

“We have emphasised the NHT as being of particular importance to our perception of the mission of providing housing and access to land and overcoming the deficit in residential provisioning that the country now faces,” he said.

Phillips said he expects the shadow ministers to network with party commissions; develop a task force; establish contact with stakeholders in their portfolio areas; as well as be able to explain the party’s position of varying matters.

Though Bunting has responsibility for industry, investment and competitiveness, he will assume temporary chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) until Golding’s election to the Lower House.

The committee, which is usually chaired by the Opposition spokesperson on finance, has not met since November 2016, under Dr Phillips’s leadership. This is despite the submission of numerous reports by the Auditor General’s Department to Parliament for reviewing.

The PAC is a parliamentary body with responsibility of reviewing and examining reports submitted by the auditor general.

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