Know Your Culture To Fight Crime – PC Killed By Masked Man

Where is the outcry from the human rights group?  Or is it that they only protest when it is in the reverse?   We have become scared to fight crime in this Country and you must point the blame where it belongs.  ALL of us are in prime position to become victims of crime anytime, anywhere and any how.  We have allowed others to intimidate us by threats of law suits as if they live on Planet Mars overlooking the jungle style ‘livity’ on the Roc.

We have to work with what we have and sad to say our JCF is not as lean as it should be.  Nevertheless this is but a small country and we must stop pretending as if we do not know who the criminals are, where they are and how deadly they are.  They are fearless, persons living in the community knows this and so cooperation as the JCF is waiting for, they will continue to wait in vain.  Unless the JCF ‘tune out’ the noises from a section of this society, ‘dog shall certainly do more dan eat wi supper’. 

Commish, I suggest you stop listen and speak to the news media, or read the papers.  Shut out the public at large, and do what needs to be done as the rate of murders on the Roc is beyond alarming.  It appears to be a suicide mission just living here.  Calling Reneto Adams, where art thou, calling Shandokan, calling Trinity, are they alive or living on the Roc?


Police Constable Lynden Barrett shot dead by gunman wearing mask — eyewitness says

The Real Cop Killer


Sunday, July 26, 2015     26 Comments


THE Jamaica Observer has been given critical information that one of three men who were standing along Wellington Street in Denham Town, West Kingston shot and killed Police Constable Lynden Barrett last Tuesday night.

An impeccable source, who revealed that he was at the scene, also brushed aside claims by people of the area that the policeman was shot by his colleagues.

Constable Barrett is known to frequent the area and is well known by residents, many of whom he had developed close relations with.

“Indian (as Constable Barrett is known) was in the area to drop off a package to a woman when he saw three men standing on a corner. He knew all three of them, and from a short distance away he saw a bulge in the side of one of them … the one that was wearing a mask,” the eyewitness said, beseeching the Sunday Observer that his identity be kept confidential.

“Indian walked up to the man with the bulge, lifted his shirt and said: A wa you a do wid this ya gun ina you side….”

The cop, according to the eyewitness, tried to disarm the gunmen and a struggle developed, resulting in Constable Barrett being shot in the upper body and head.

“The gunman and the two other men run off same time,” the eyewitness said. “Indian stumbled towards his car and collapsed. At the same time, a police team that was on patrol heard the shot and rushed to the area fast, fast, fast, so that’s how some of the people in the community say that its the police who shoot him, but its not police who shoot him … is the boy wearing the mask,” the eyewitness said.

The Police High Command maintained that the killing was done by gunmen, with Commissioner Dr Carl Williams, under fire for rating himself highly in the fight to reduce crime, insisting that Constable Barrett was not killed by friendly fire.

“I know for sure that the criminals are responsible for it,” Dr Williams said last week.

“We are going to find them and bring them to justice. We checked it out and they (killers) were not police. I know for sure that the criminals are responsible,” he said.

Yesterday, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell told the Sunday Observer that the police had received similar information to that given to this tabloid.

“That’s the information that we received too that three men were involved, and we have even got three names,” Powell stated.

“He had gone into Denham Town to check somebody and had the altercation with the three men, so this talk by the residents that he was killed by police is nonsense. There was a police team in Denham Town at the time that had stopped near to a lotto shop and heard the gunshots. They rushed to the scene and found him on the ground, alive and bleeding. It was when they took him to the hospital (Kingston Public) that he was pronounced dead,” Powell said, emphasising that law enforcers were continuing their search for the three men.

Barrett’s family and other members of the constabulary force were comforted by the Acting Minister of National Security Phillip Paulwell and Member of Parliament for Western Kingston Desmond McKenzie, as they gathered last Wednesday at the Denham Town Police Station following the incident.

The death of Constable Barrett followed that of another Constable, Crystal Thomas, who, like Barrett was based at the Denham Town Police Station.

She was murdered a week before after she was taken from a Toyota Coaster minibus by gunmen, who hijacked the vehicle and shot her several times.

Members of the police force joined hands in prayer at the station last week following the double tragedy. The station has over the years lost several members of its staff to violent action by gunmen.

It is in the police record books that the station has been shot up by gunmen on many occasions, even while then Commissioner of Police Trevor MacMillan, now deceased, went on a tour there in 1994.

Police sources said at the time that Macmillan was forced to hide under a desk for several hours, as men with high-powered weapons, believed to be from the nearby Tivoli Gardens, pelted the building with bullets.

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