Kiss Mi Granny – U Tink U Have It Bad – Jus Tek A Break An Ease U Mind Offa Uself!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me that on Planet Earth we have residents that through their own eyes, ‘livity’ is totally different.  We speak to culture, but do we truly grasp another man’s culture?  Are we willing to embrace to that which is unknown, foreign or blatantly absurd based on our own ‘livity’?

I am at a stage in life where I say, do not knock another’s culture unless you are prepared to transpose yourself into their ‘livity’ from birth.  If you are one of those persons whose imagination is as frozen as a block of ice, nobada try mek it fluid for fear u keel ova an dead.  Are you one of those persons that can visualise a scenario when presented to you?  If you simply have one of those personalities that nothing excites you outside of the odd sexual contact, then you really are unable to grasp another’s culture without declaring insanity.

Why is it that one gun man holds up 10 people, kills 2, injures 3 and the other 5 get flat hiding in some corner?  Don’t know!!!!!!  Yet we have instances in one on one contact where a defense is put up.  So in Cameroon, there are legal consequences for the matey and wifey ‘livity’.  As backwards as it may seem, we can see at what level women are placed in that culture. In our culture women declare anything man can do mi can do better so mek him test mi. Thankfully we do not have to worry about those lyrics. The question is not whether this is right or not as clearly their laws are guided by man’s interpretation culturally.  When you are guided by man’s belief as to what is right or wrong, fairness does not factor into that mindset.  However, the good book that many seem to call upon in matters of death or near death experience clearly has a different take as to how residents should live on Planet Earth.  Again with free reign to roam about and legislate, I note with keen interest, according to mankind, we are not all created equal.  Therefore do not enforce your cultural beliefs upon my own and vice versa.

U get wha mi a sey.  Some matters from country to country, leave well alone unless you have the power to say what the future will hold and when this world as we know it will cease to exist.

Adulterous men could face jail time in Cameroon under new law

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | June 25, 2016 | 8:43  aba

Men who commit adultery could be sent to jail under a new law being debated by parliament in Cameroon.

Until now, adultery has been a criminal act for women only.

The law has the backing of President’s Paul Biya’s party and so might be approved.

The penal code says women should be punished for having sexual relations outside marriage with two to six months in prison or fines. Men would face the same punishment under the expected changes.

Bar Association head Ngnie Kamga said the law would “take Cameroon backwards and would send more people to prisons”.

“Men having children out of wedlock should be punished because that is evidence of adultery,” one member of parliament, Tomaino Ndam Njoya, is reported to have said during the debate.

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