Killed During, In Between Or After A Sex Act? – This Is Perplexing At Best

What a terrible price to pay for an indiscretion when one already has a partner.  This case may bear more questions than truthful answers I suspect as dead man tell no tales.  Where is the boyfriend in all of this?   Is he grieving the loss of his girlfriend?  Will he be called by any of the attorneys to answers questions pertaining to her supposedly condition that causes her to pass out in the past?

We are told that during an ‘adult’ activity, an argument ensued, the woman was kicked to the ground, then strangled.  What could this woman possibly have said or done to this 20 year old that would cause such a downright cruel, degrading reaction?  Sad to say, tools used in communicating between couples are often times beyond degrading.  Yet it is common and acceptable by both sexes.  I am of the firm belief that if I can class you in a demeaning, derogatory manner, then it is high time I ask one major yet simple question, why are we together?  While you can certainly rebound from certain struggles or issues in a relationship.  It is my belief that when the art of communicating becomes excessively colourful with expletives and description of the female/male anatomy being thrown at like a dart board;  I say check yourself before you wreck yourself. The physical behaviour cast upon the human being which by the way if it was cast upon a four legged creature  would result in lock down in certain regions, should cause one to seriously evaluate the purpose of the alliance.

Where does friends with benefits start and end I might ask?  Does such a frivolous escapade extends to either parties having an existing relationship?  Is there a moral compass in living and having fun?  We are yet to be told the age of the deceased female, yet we know the bloke was 20 years old.   The facts of the case thus far is this.  The female had a boyfriend. They were involved in an adult activity.  Kicked her to the ground he surely did and strangled her.  To death???  That is to be determined. He later stole her boyfriend’s laptop.

Somehow it is fair to say, this female did not believe that day would be her last on Planet Earth.  Also, I might add, the Creator should not be blamed for all deaths.  He has given us free reign on planet earth to choose the course we will take even though death is a reality for us all.  Likewise, I do believe in the Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome.  It is for us to hopefully have sufficient time to meet both in relationships, rendezvous, live and yet live, friends with benefits lifestyle, before it costs us our lives.

Welder remanded in murder case

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, June 11, 2016

A St Andrew welder, who reportedly strangled a woman to death during a dispute at her home, was again denied bail when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday.

Twenty-year-old Romario Brown of Stony Hill was arrested and charged with murder following the death of Alexia Bepatt on April 8.

The young man is also accused of stealing a laptop belonging to the dead woman’s boyfriend and was charged with larceny from the dwelling.

The court heard that Brown went to visit the woman and both were engaged in adult activities when an argument developed.It is alleged that, during the argument, Brown kicked the woman off the bed and squeezed her throat.

Bepatt was later found partially naked, lying unconscious at her home in Mona. She was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where she was pronounced dead. According to the prosecutor, a post-mortem report has since revealed that Bepatt died from manual strangulation.

The prosecutor also told Parish Judge Chester Crooks that the accused had fled the scene and was caught after he was picked up on a camera leaving the premises.

The prosecutor said the crown was of the view that Brown would “take away himself” if he was granted bail.

But Brown’s attorney, Davorona Wilson — in renewing her bail application — maintained that Bepatt was alive when her client left the premises.

“When he left the house, she was crying,” Wilson told the court.

Wilson also told the court that two individuals have indicated that the woman suffered from a condition in which she frequently passed out and as such indicated that she needed to see the post-mortem report to see if manual strangulation was, in fact, the actual cause of death.

She also pointed out that her client had surrendered to the police when he was contacted and will not interfere with the witnesses.

The judge subsequently told her that he was in agreement for her to have a look at the post mortem report. However, he said he could not grant the accused bail and remanded him until July 18.


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