Keep It Simple Stupid – Have You Heard This Before????

When is it appropriate to say ‘keep it simple stupid’?  Now I put it to you, no need for a dissertation on this one.  You are a victim of crime and you do as you are told which is to report the incident and give precise details.  Your perpetrator was arrested, and lo and behold, the Police chooses to transport you both in the same vehicle.  Excuse me……………..we are not a happy family…….I have been victimised, scared out of my wits, and I thought you, the Police would provide me some form of reassurance.  Instead, I am travelling together with the perp as if this is  domestic violence.  Even it were, I was brutally assaulted.  Why would you think it best for a victim and an alleged criminal to be transported in the same vehicle?  Can we just keep it simple??

Explain to me, how protocol factors into this?  Then again, save it.   Just try to apply common sense.   Too late, while we await protocol, the alledged criminal bade his escape and is yet to be found, much less apprehended.  Where is the outcry?   I will tell you.

The Church is busy getting up in arms about our telephone directory that has a depiction of dancehall and its juking’s, gyrating’s on the front page.  Bear in mind that this has been published and from all accounts is in the public domain.  Yet the Church is fighting for what, justice?  Are you serious?  With all that is taking place on the Roc, the Church chooses to focus on this ridiculous picture.  Guess what.   Do not take the directory………………how many persons are now using our telephone directory that has over the years become one of the most difficult books to use in finding telephone numbers, addresses etc?  For speed and efficiency, it is best to search the internet unless you like the feeling of navigating through the map of the world when in fact you on a small Island where your interests lies hence the local telephone directory.

No use relying on our politicians to decry this latest incident.  Their interest lies in public war like behaviour where too many believe by their actions that they are living in a communist state versus a democratic one.  Politicians who preach about paradigm shift, fresh and new and when faced with such, those who have served for more than 2o years believe it does not apply to them.  Politicians who are educated but just like communist leaders, their education is used to manipulate, brain wash and control those undereducated in attempt to enrich themself.  Politicians who speak to succession planning, yet when those who join their movement display the tenacity, newness and freshness of ideas, they are sooner than later labeled as traitors, disloyal and worthy to be outcast.  Using no doubt their uneducated sheep to carry out threats, intimidation and scare tactics while hoping that the more you preach about change, the more you expect the current systems to remain the same.  This is by far intentional design, and so it is the sheep is continuously brain washed by the educated stalwarts.  What next???

Legal, branded chartered taxis firms have justified to the government that they do use illegal taxis to bolster their business.  Yes you heard correctly.   When you can justify the unjustifiable as unsuspecting passengers who charter from your company are oblivious to the risks and dangers of using your taxi, you know we are living in the Islands.  The Church, politicians and civil groups appear to use their voices when it suits them.  How often is it used towards ALL in society for the greater good of ALL?

As we await protocol, do not expect much.  The rate of acts that need investigation, for fear of sounding cynical, we relish on the complicated as it makes us seem bright.  Will the media follow up?  Who knows?  They seem to follow up on those who falla back a politics and behave like gutter snipes then our commentators have the gaul to talk about voting apathy.  Call it for what it is.  Who wants to vote when who they see as representation in no way or shape can influence them in a positive way?  Until we DARE to clean up the HEAD in both politics and private, is every man fi himself an who can live, live, an who ago dead, ago dead…………………

No protocol for how police should transport victims and accused – Assistant Commish

(Jamaica Gleaner) Tuesday | December 6, 2016 | 12:30

File photo

Assistant Commissioner of Police Wray Palmer says there is no protocol in the Jamaica Constabulary Force that prevents police officers from transporting a victim and an accused person in the same vehicle.

However, he says as far as is practicable, this should not happen.

ACP Wray was responding to concerns that a suspect and a 14-year-old rape victim were both transported from the crime scene in Portmore to the Waterford Police Station on Sunday evening.

ACP Palmer, says the inspectorate is conducting a full investigation into the incident and will seek to determine if the 14-year-old was transported in the same vehicle as the accused.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Wray Palmer

It’s reported that the 14-year-old girl was on her way home in the Maxfield Avenue area of St Andrew when she was held at knife point by two men and taken to Portmore where she was assaulted.

After being released by the rapists, the child went to the Waterford Police Station.

She directed the police to the crime scene where they picked up a suspect and transported him to the station in the same vehicle as the 14-year-old victim.

The suspect escaped as he was entering the station.

He is yet to be recaptured.

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