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Fire of unknown origin ……………………..the usual ramblings yet this is not the first time.  The holiday season is upon us and with another devastating loss where does that leave the vendors and government authorities?  The level of violence and lawlessness is not an exaggeration on ones part when it comes to Downtown, Kingston.  We must have mechanisms and systems in place to deal with those whose occupation is to create loss for others not only in the human sense but monetary.

We must find the financial resources to invest heavily into security cameras, surveillance, whatever it takes to prevent crimes such as these from happening and render harsh punishment on the offenders.  The regentrification of Downtown Kingston with investors scurrying to be part of this ‘rebirth’ will become more of a reality if government begins the process of securing the ‘golden goose’.   Far too many have become extremely wealthy by operating conglomerates from the heart of Kingston yet so little is being done to invest in modern technology to take the region to the next level.  Is it going to be protection money from the criminal element, private sector, or a portion of borrowed money from foreign nationals used to secure Downtown Kingston?

This is a new era, who wants to live, invest, own and operate business long term in a war zone that explodes ever so often?  Certainly not enough takers to boost our economy at an exponential rate.


Fire destroys stalls in downtown Kingston

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, November 21, 2015   

Vendors go through rubble left behind after fire gutted several stalls and containers downtown Kingston. (PHOTO: KARL MCLARTY)

FIRE of unknown origin yesterday gutted several stalls, leaving millions of dollars worth of damage in the market district in downtown, Kingston.

Reports are that about 2:00 am vendors who ply their trade in the commercial area close to the Coronation Market saw smoke coming the area and raised an alarm.

Despite the quick action of fire-fighters several stalls and containers were destroyed, according to reports.

“At least three containers and more than 20 stalls were destroyed,” said a police source.

Yesterday vendors who woke up to the destruction wept openly.

“Have mercy, I loose everything in the fire, nothing no save,” said Nakeisha Wright, a vendor and mother of three.

For Audley McIntosh, father of seven, it was particularly painful.

“Is two time since the start of the year me lose mi container fill with goods to fire,” the distraught vendor told the Jamaica Observer.

Yesterday while the police and firefighters checked to find the cause of the blaze, angry vendors openly voiced their claim that the fire was the work of arsonist.

“Criminal burn it down. Is four time in the 18 months dem burn down this section of the market and we want authorities to get to the bottom of this once and for all,” said another vendor who asked not to be named. The police are now conducting a probe into the incident.

— Kimmo Matthews

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