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This is what you call a good result.  It cannot continue and must not be allowed.  Human rights cannot be absolute when the wider society at large rights are NOT.  Do not tell me about existing laws.  Laws are not written in stone and if our laws are, it is time to change them.  There is a group called ‘victims support’ and if you are not aware of this group, den it proves my point that our focus has been one dimensional causing us to reach a place in society that is indeed dark.

To look at crime in Jamaica and not see the need for a State of Emergency for minimum 12 months is basically saying our murder rate is nothing to be concerned about.  Our court system is as is and no immediate change will be visible in two years if we are lucky.  Backlog, backlog, backlog, witness, witness, witness, same ole sankey, same result which is no action, no change.

INDECOM sooner than later will realise that not all killings are murders.  As we move through the parishes with the sole purpose of restoring order to our country, many will be silenced.  During war, there is no time for dialogue and the Roc is facing a war whether those occupying houses with armored gates, security detail realises it or not.  The sooner we silence those who are protected by their own security oblivious to the rights of victims and law abiding citizens, the sooner respect and fear can be returned to the JCF.

There is one Jamaica and we must fight for the rights of all citizens who choose to abide by the laws of the land.  If you are bad enough and choose to run afoul of the law, creating anarchy on this land, then prepare to be gunned down and treated in like manner the victims of crime.  If it is gang warfare, then gangs will be dismantled by death sentence and the only gang left standing will be the gang of law and order.



Six killed in gun battle with security forces in St James

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, January 15, 2017 | 8:56 AM    144 Comments

ST JAMES, Jamaica — The Independent Commission of Investigations has commenced their probe into last night’s fatal shooting of six men in an alleged gun battle with members of the security forces in Goodwill, St James.

The identities of the deceased are yet to be released by the police.

Preliminary reports are that sometime last nigh, a police/military team and men travelling in a motor car were involved in a shoot-out.

After the shooting died down six men were found suffering from gunshot injuries.

They were taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Following the gunfight, four illegal firearms were recovered by the security forces.

More information later.

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