Jamaican Judge Pusey Needs Her Own TV Show – What Say You?????

Reality TV is the biggest commodity in this century it would seem.  There are actually a few shows we could do well to copy; as we do with so many others.  Covering the courts on the Roc I deem is informative and quite humorous at times.  Whether we agree or not with the judgements we can admit that Judge Pusey is an original.  She certainly knows how to communicate across the social levels that enters her court.  This is real life, and often times we forget what court house runnings is all about.   Some knowledge will do us well as it can shed some well needed light on your rights when and if you are faced with certain situations.

Many persons attend court house as they watch soap opera on television.  In fact if I had the time to spare, I daresay I may be inclined to witness some of these court appearances and listen to cases presented.  At times I wonder if the people realise where they are.  In fact their casualness and pronouncements when addressing the Judge makes you wonder if they are acting.  Sooner than later you observe this is the real McCoy.  It matters not who you are; many will waltz in their vexation state and dish it out without warnings or hesitations.  This type of livity makes for great TV and I can only hope those in media could see the value.

Judge Pusey could be sold to the International audience as the diaspora is well established in many countries.  Imagine being syndicated in the Caribbean, Africa, North America and South America, Europe for starters. I for one would love to see her on local TV as from my view, there is not much aired that caters to my genre.   Obviously, this can only be if the esteemed Judge is open to such.



Brother says sister wants to run his house but he is the king

Covering the Courts

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, August 21, 2016     7 Comments

There was laughter in the court on Wednesday when a man appeared before the judge, accused of biting his sister and destroying her refrigerator, door and her gas stove.

Richard Palmer was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding and malicious destruction of property following allegations that he destroyed his sister’s appliance and bit her on her arm during a dispute at their home.

The 24-year-old man, who was in an irritable mood when he appeared in court, told Judge Pusey that he and his big sister were not getting along because she wanted “to programme him” and was carrying “past feelings” for him.

He also accused his sister of biting him on his finger and destroying his possession.

“A she mash up me bed and trigger off me head,” Palmer said, eliciting laughter from the court.

“She grudge mi cause mi a work. A December she born, she badmind,” he said, amidst further laughter from the court.

“She never help me mada raise mi, and left and come back and waa run the house and a me a de king,” Palmer proclaimed as the laughter continued.

Judge Pusey, after patiently listening to Palmer said: “I understand what is going on, it’s all about power. But all this power struggle needs to stop.”

The judge as a result instructed the siblings to speak with the probation officer with a view of scheduling a date for counselling.

“Whether you are the king, this nonsense up a mama yard has to stop,” the judge told Palmer before extending his bail for him to return to court on October 14.

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