Jamaica Public Service – Why, Why, Why Must We Suffer With You???

Even within the marriage vows, the familiar words, ’till death do us path’, while some persons take this literally, the vast majority can get out of that union if they wish.  Costly for some, but if you are hell bent on terminating the relationship, it can be done.

For years, we the citizens who pay our electricity bills and not the few who ‘bridge’ tief light, suffer the most.  When the JLP were in opposition there were high emotions and even a request for citizens to wear all black in protestation of this company.  What did we achieve?   A new CEO, hot off the press.  Again, what have we achieved?  Same company, same excuses, rhetoric defined differently, but still the same company, Jamaica Public Service.  I like to keep it simple.  Tell me, why is it we fear competition?  Why is it we cannot attract any other power company to replace JPS?  Are you telling me that the contract the government signed is one that lasts for a lifetime?  What is the hold that JPS has over this country?  Monopoly in any industry is not to be encouraged and this Island of under 3 million habitants’ leaders, seem to relish in this kind of engagement.  If the JPS operated in another region, would they still be in operation with the kinds of inefficiencies we have experienced in Jamaica?  I do not want to hear the excuses, consistency in delivery is what the consumer base requires.  This was no freak earthquake, hurricane or storm.

We can await this report which after you sift through the cock n bull story that will always be outside of their control, ultimately leads us straight back to MONEY.   When you have no regard for the people of a country, you pretty much become a fat cat pretty fast.  Doing the rounds, learn the culture quickly understanding that politriks will always be at the forefront.

Will the people be compensated for this outage I ask?  I lost electricity for 4 hours; I think it is quite in order to credit my account.  JPS relishes on collecting $250.00 deemed late payment if you do not pay your bill on the due date.  Oh no it matters not that you are not in any form of arrears.   No grace period extended, but $250.00 will be collected one way or the other.  So tell me JPS, how much money are you going to us for the loss of electricity which for me came at around 5.00pm – 9.00pm?

‘Procedural error’ leads to islandwide blackout

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, August 28, 2016 31 Comments

Staff at 20/20 Beauty Salon at Park Plaza in Half-Way-Tree use light from a cellphone to work last evening after the islandwide power outage.

WJamaica was plunged into darkness late yesterday evening from what the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) reported was a “procedural error”.

“It was a procedural error that resulted in the generating units going off line,” JPS’ Director, Corporate Communications Winsome Callum told the Jamaica Observer last night.

At 8:45 pm when the Sunday Observer spoke to Callum she said that power had been restored to Western Jamaica “from Westmoreland all the way round to Trelawny”.

She also said that electricity service had been restored in sections of Clarendon, St Catherine and Kingston.

Callum said that the company expected to restore power to all sections of the island “within a few hours” but it was difficult to give a time when the process would be completed.

Shortly after the power went, the police announced that they had deployed personnel to assist where necessary and said people should look out for the blue flashing lights on patrol vehicles.

The police also advised the public to exercise caution and to drive carefully on the roads, especially when approaching major intersections.

“We are also urging residents to remain inside their homes as much as possible until electricity is restored,” the police said.

In Half-Way-Tree, one of the busiest commercial hubs in St Andrew, some stores remained open as they were being powered by generators. Others, however, had to close.

A woman who gave her name only as Trudy and who runs the 20/20 Beauty Salon in Park Plaza, was furious about the power outage.

“It affect mi a whole lot because mi have mi pickney dem back-to-school fi tek care of and mi haffi send mi client dem home,” she said.

“Di one likkle day weh wi get fi work, no light. Mi did have a lot of clients inna di shop. A slackness dis,” she fumed.

Jermaine Johnson, who operates a clothing store in Half-Way-Tree, said he lost a lot of business. He told the Sunday Observer that he resorted to taking some of the goods outside his shop, placed them on a bench and used the headlights on his car to conduct business.

Another man, who gave his name only as Kevin, said he had to close his clothing store downtown Kingston.

“I lost a lot of business,” he complained, as he explained that he would normally make the bulk of his sales late on a Saturday evening.

“This evening was going on good as people were doing back-to-school shopping,” he said.

In April this year, the island was affected by a massive power outage. At the time, JPS said that several of its generating units went offline simultaneously, resulting in the loss of electricity for some customers.

The company stated that several of the affected areas were restored within a few minutes of the power outage, while other customers were gradually connected to the power grid in phases.

The power system was back to normal in just over three hours.

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