JA Passport Increase – Get Over It – Update – Part 11

I would have hoped some of you would have calmed yourself down and try to put things into perspective and not jump on the sinking ship with the rest of the sheep.  What am I talking about, what sheep, what ship?  Let it pass over if you have not grasped what I stated and get right down to some facts.  Remember as you do that your passport is valid for ten (10) years.  You would be surprised how many of our people are not aware of this fact even as we speak. 

Firstly, I honestly do not believe the increases are unjust.  If you appreciate the purpose of a ‘passport’, then you would be less hesitant to balk at the increase.  However, if you are balking at the notice given, again I ask, what would you deem to be sufficient notice?  Do you know your culture?  Think on that and answer the next question.  Are you a ‘last minute’ operator?  The hurricane is coming; you have been given adequate notice of the developments, yet on the Eve of the impending hurricane that is when chaos of our people is most felt.  We wait until the last minute regardless of any notice given to take care of our business, let us keep it real and be in truth. 

When did you say the deadline was?  Oh, I have some time.  I am the first to admit I am guilty of that.   Not often, nonetheless, I too suffer from that disorder.  So continue to fool yourselves that sufficient notice would have made any difference, and as for the costs, accept it or do without.  What is the purpose of a Jamaican Passport to you?


(Jamaica Gleaner, Sunday 31 May 2015)

Ja passport still cheaper than the rest

Even as thousands of Jamaicans blast the Passport Immigration and Citizens Agency over the pending increase in the cost of a Jamaican passport, checks by The Sunday Gleaner have revealed that even with the hike the official document will remain among the cheapest in the world.

However, this comparison is not adjusted for the standard of living or the per capita income difference among the countries.

The adult Jamaican passport is to be increased from J$4,500 (US$38) to J$6,500 (US$56) come tomorrow, but will still be cheaper than all the major regional and international trading partners, except Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago.

While the Trinidadian passport is for five years, the Jamaican passport is valid for 10 years.

Country Cost US$ Cost J$

Trinidad & Tobago $40* $4,631

Barbados $75 $8,683

St Kitts and Nevis $150 $17,367

Antigua $33 $3,821

Guyana $60* $6,947

Haiti $93* $10,676

Cayman Islands $122 $14,125

Jamaica $56 $6,500

United States $110 $12,745

United Kingdom $110 $12,745

Canada $209 $24,215

Canada $190* $22,013

* Passports are valid for five years.

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