JA Athletes Switching To The Middle East – Bahrain It Is

You cannot fault nor begrudge those who choose to switch their allegiance in the name of sports.  When this is your proven career path at some point in time you need to pave a path to your financial success by being visible.  As Fisher alludes, competition is rather stiff if you want to run for Jamaica.  If you want to make the cut, just take a look at our elite athletes.  That is no easy feat and a few do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  So where does that leave the ambitious and good upcoming track n field hopefuls?  You can be good, but not good enough to represent Jamaica.  You can be good with the potential to become great, but in the current season, you just cannot seem to get a look in.

If track n field is your bread and butter, how are you expected to support yourself without financial aid?  How do you get to the level of sponsorship?  How do you get to be named one of Jamaica’s top 10 who are earning their keep financially and able to maintain the lifestyle of an athlete.  A lifestyle encompassing the ability to take care of your wellness needs 365 days of the year.  I do believe a healthy diet is expected more often than not and also a fitness routine in and out of season vamping up nearing competition time is expected.  Somehow patty and cocoa bread, and a jog in the park will not cut it. Where does the money come to fund this?

If another country comes calling, dollars starting to run, opportunity for being on the biggest platform exists, I say why not?  The athlete I understand may not have a career in track n field over 35-40 years of age.  It is incumbent on them making the best decision that will allow them to earn within their timespan based on age.  It is better to leave your country and perform elsewhere under a different banner, than to remain, cussing the land of your birth and bemoaning all that is wrong with your sport.  When the truth of the matter is, the competition is way above the norm and as good as you are, for Jamaica your chance of cutting it is not worth the endless effort.

Patriotism does not put food on the table for the masses.

Fisher says no name change despite Bahrain switch

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, May 22, 2016

FISHER…the Jamaican team right now is a hard one to make and we all have ambitions to compete at the highest level

For almost every athlete at any level of competition, the aim is to compete at the Olympic Games and World Championships for his or her national team.

It is no different for former Albert Town High and St Elizabeth Technical High School sprinter Andrew Fisher, except for if and when he lines up in the first round of the men’s 100m at the Rio Olympic Games in August he will be wearing the red and white of Bahrain and not the black, green and gold of Jamaica where he was born.

Fisher, who is part of the University of Technology set up, switched allegiance last year, along with teammate Kimarley Brown. He told the

Jamaica Observer recently the move was not an easy one.

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