J$1,000 For Sex From 12 Year Old Girl – Deviant Man Offers

U si all dat………………wey di puppa deh……………it mek a man waan go fi him las enuh?  Such emotions you cannot fault one from exhibiting.  There are an abundant of females of age who are involved in sexual intercourse freely so so one has to ask, why a child?  I will attempt to address that issue.

There exists amongst us pedophiles, deviants and perverts.  Until we stop this never ending exercise of preaching to the unreachable and rewrite some of our laws.  This will just be business as usual.  We need to implement some elements of the Sharia law into this land.  There must be a special legislation for sex crimes and attempts at such, plain and simple.  Too many of our underage girls are being exposed to sex through dangerous and plain evil intentions.  Of which they will be scarred emotionally and otherwise often times hindering them from pursuing a life centered on their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

While we look at the social aspects of their development which is important.  It does not negate the reality that often time the home is broken with no constant male, extended family present.  The mother under constant pressure has her basket full and so the law has to ensure that when perpetrators are brought before the Courts, they are removed possibly wounded for minimum 25 years.  Sex crimes must not be handled as ‘a nutten, jus lickle sex wey nah kill u’.  We must send strong messages through out Courts to these deviants that if they caan stop lick dem lips an stalk people gal pickney, dem a go lose wah dem tink a dem gift from God.

Some people think we are living in a fairy tale space, where milk and honey surrounded by angels are overflowing.  I say to you we are living amongst vipers, and many who are under demonic influence.  As we call on Divine Intervention and I am in collaboration with that so we as a people in authority must rule the land with more than an iron fist.

Man offers 12- year-old girl $1,000 for sex

Covering the courts

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, June 05, 2016     30 Comments

A brief look at Jamaica’s political history provides an interesting background to the concept and creation of the 1962 Constitution and the format of the Senate.

A 21-year-old man who offered a 12-year-old schoolgirl money for sex was reprimanded by Parish Judge Maxine Ellis for assaulting the girl after she refused his sexual advances.

“She is 12, what kind of advances you making? She is a baby,” Judge Ellis said while scolding Oshane Williams, after he pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard on Friday that Williams squeezed the minor’s throat and slapped her on the neck after she spurned his advances.

The prosecutor told the court that Williams got physical after he told the minor: “I have a $1,000. follow me round deh suh,” and she refused to comply.

According to the prosecutor, this incident was not the first time that Williams was making advances at the complainant, as she had reported him to her mother before. Williams, however, denied assaulting the minor as alleged by the police.

“A two finger me use and hit her on her mouth,” he said. But in addition to the assault claim, Williams is also accused of pulling a ratchet knife at the complainant and threatening “to run it through her”.

Williams, however, denied those allegations and pleaded not guilty to assault at common law.

The complainant’s mother, who was present in court with her daughter, told Ellis that Williams has been troubling the girl and she had to be taking the child to and from school because of her fear of Williams.

“Clearly you don’t get it,” Ellis then told Williams. “But me no deh home a day time,” he answered while noting that he was away at work.

But the mother told the court that Williams was unemployed and that her child had to pass his yard to get to school.

Ellis, however, insisted that he was employed and that the minor did not have to pass his home, as she lived on a separate lane from where he was living.

The judge, however, decided that she was going to revoke his bail until the police conduct further investigations into the matter. In the meantime, the judge requested a social enquiry report and scheduled a date for Williams’ sentencing.


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