It Dun Yahso – Heated Swimming Pool in A Proper Downtown – Proper Uptown Nah Stop Tief Light Like Proper Downtown

I dun tell oono sey ghetto is a state of the mind.  Tandeh nuh believe me…………….Is a certain breed regardless of their post code feel comfortable in tiefing light, water.  As much as I cuss dem deh 2 utility company, nuh matter how di tiefing ting tun up.  Fi mi constitution coulda neva manage hook up connection.  It nuh ina mi…………….and I strongly believe puss and dwag nuh ave di same luck.  Mi would jus be di one dem cart off go a prison.  If u fi go a prison, how comes u woulda en up deh fi tiefing light.    Eeehhh nuh wortliss dat.  Suh uptown, downtown, midtown will tief light as dem come from di same breed regardless of how dem money tun up or tun down.

One of the things I have always said and I don’t give a damn is this.  You want things for free, yet your choice of hair, clothing, bag and shoe costs more than your wage while the free food you are willing to accept or pay for is less than.  You are stealing light, yet your space is decked out with heated swimming pool, A/C, washing machine and dryer.  Double decker fridge, microwave and all the electrical appliances you can think of.  You sleep with the light on morning, noon and night as you are afraid of duppy.  U a tief the light and the light cost more per month than you would ever be able to earn in your miserable life time.

The one dem who a tief uppa proper uptown, chances are they believe that based on where they live, why should I pay?   A reasonable person would say, how can you afford to live up dehso and cannot pay your light bill?   I put it to you that reason does not factor into the minds of a thief.  Tiefing is a mindset and if you decide to tief, justification is never an opener.

What we can conclude for those of us who pay is that we will continue to carry the burden.  The burden that JPS has inflicted on us as a result of the new code of acceptable culture called ‘tiefing mindset’.  For me when I hear people a floss an a talk bout di thousands and thousands of dollars dem pay pon light bill.  Mek mi tell oono summen, u cant impress mi caas mi nuh know if a pay u a pay or tief u a tief light regardless of your gucci or red bottom shoes.

If u money tun up go get solar, an den come talk to mi bout di savings and how solar a dis best ting and JPS fi guey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Owner of heated swimming pool in downtown Kingston caught stealing electricity

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, October 25, 2017 38 Comments

 KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) today reported the arrest of a business owner following the discovery of an illegally connected heated swimming pool and hot tub at a location used as a business and residence in downtown Kingston.

JPS said the pool was discovered during their operation in the Lower Barry Street, Laws Street, Georges Lane and Rum Lane areas, where several other illegal connections were also removed.
The power company said it found that individuals have attempted to have some electrical appliances or other items such as swimming pools, bypass the meter, to avoid paying the correct energy consumption cost.

“Such customers have been caught stealing as much as up to 60 per cent of their consumption.  It has been found however, that these customers tend not to steal above this level, in an effort to appear to have a legitimate electricity bill,” JPS said in a release today.

Besides carrying out operations in high theft areas, the company said it has increased its use of analytics, on-the-ground intelligence, random sampling, and meter auditing.

“The illegal abstraction of electricity continues to be detected at all socio-economic levels.  Besides the recent finding in the business place in downtown Kingston, instances of electricity theft have also been found in communities on the other end of the spectrum such as Manor Park, Cherry Gardens and Meadowbrook, among other areas,” JPS said.

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