Ironic – Self Preservation Has No Common Sense It Appears……………

You really will not know the moral compass that your employee lives by in your employ hence there is no questionnaire designed for such.  What you focus on is certification or the lack thereof, recommendations, and the ‘like’ factor.  That is practical enough and I say the most that can be expected.  The question or assumption that one would like to conclude is that of ‘consequence’.  What actions will the employer take once evidence is brought to light that a member of staff has committed a crime?  Is the action dependent on who the employee is?  Is there a set of rules that apply to one group that excludes another?  Does the consequence fits all size?  If cover up regardless of social class is prohibited, then one can say good job when the perps are caught.

Profiling of people is a tricky business, in the same way stereotyping is deemed offensive.  However, we must not appear naive, or become incredulous as to habits, behaviours of those in our employ.  To do so is not only foolhardy but rather disingenuous.  There can be no justification in making a right a wrong and vise a versa.

The irony of INDECOM employee and son having to face the very same entity that they investigate is just that.  I would think what is commendable thus far, is no apparent cover up took place due to the time line.  It is no secret that our movements in matters of such is likened to snails competing against each other to determine whose pace is the slowest of the pack.  Mother dearest, where  was the logic in your reasoning leading you to conclude that the action taken was in protection of your son?  I have heard persons say they would do anything for their children, as they live for them; operative word ‘anything’.    This mother did just that, what say you?????

INDECOM employee, son arrested by CISOCA

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, November 17, 2016 | 3:51 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica – An Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) employee and her son were yesterday arrested by detectives from the Centre for the Investigations of Sexual offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA).

The police say that the woman was taken into custody on suspicion of Cruelty to Child and Procuration of Abortion.

Reports are that the employee’s son was sexually involved with a 14- year-old minor who became pregnant.  The son allegedly told her of the pregnancy and she in turn gave the child a pill with an applicator and instructions on how to administer it. The child did which subsequently resulted in abortion of the pregnancy.

The child was taken to hospital where she was admitted and the police informed.

The INDECOM employee and her son are to undergo a question and answer session along with their lawyer, after which formal charges will be laid, the police say.

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