I Agree – Have An Allergic Reaction To Complaints On Jamaica’s Economy Says Lee Chin

It is one thing to have a discussion about the state of affairs on the Roc but an entirely different thing to be consumed with ‘all things bad about JA’. When you sit and listen to the same set of people bemoaning the economy and just about everything in this Country, it not only becomes tiring but rather annoying. You begin to look at those persons through lens which gets smaller and smaller.   If all you can contribute is a complaint, ridicule and skepticism and provide little no solution, chances are the life you lead is a replica of the pronouncements you make 80% of the time.

I take it a step further and say to persons; there is no need you telling me how broke you are and the lack of money available to you.   That is something for you and your financial institution as they are the ones who can assist you out of that dilemma. Life is going to be what you make of it in all areas. If you choose to complain 80% of the time, I will not be your enabler as I too am allergic to the constant ‘trauma’ and quite frankly I am not ‘911 or 119’. If you wish to run an idea by me with your excitement fantastic, but if your sole purpose is to bitch and moan, then I’m sorry I need to preserve my health.

Our Island does not suffer from a population of ignorant souls, the opposite. We are educated. In fact some spend too much time gaining further education and less time putting all that they have learnt into a plan that can bring them some financial reward. We lack the ‘gumption’ to get up and ‘try’ at all cost, and whilst we sit, moan and groan there are others who are coming from afar to plant their soil right here on the Roc. I have come to the conclusion that it is far easier to complain than it is to create our business opportunities. To do so will actually mean we take responsibility for our failures. That is not a vision we wish to undertake rather the blame game suits the majority and so we feed that disease. The disease of doing little and expecting abundance.


Have an allergic reaction to complaints about the economy, says Lee Chin

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, January 29, 2016 | 4:18 PM      

 Business mogul Michael Lee-Chin

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Business Guru Michael Lee Chin is imploring Jamaicans to have an “allergic reaction” to individuals complaining about the challenges facing Jamaica’s economy, and instead create wealth for society by finding solutions to the problems.

“I want us to make a promise to ourselves today that whenever we hear veranda talk about the complaints of politicians, stagnation, crime, devaluation… have an allergic reaction, and say to yourself that’s a catalyst for all of us to jump into action and create a solution because someone out there is looking at and saying what a fantastic country this is,” Lee Chin told the audience of the Jamaica Exporters Association Global Thought Leader Speaker Series held at the Terra Nova Hotel earlier today.

Lee Chin is the first in a series of speakers who will have dialogue with private sector leaders aimed at exploring potentially transformational issues and ideas about Brand Jamaica, while prompting change in the thinking of business individuals with a view to improve the country’s export performance.





Karena Bennett

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