Humour Is Good For The Soul – That Is Why JA Needs A Nighttime Show Called ‘Judges Incharge’

Bun a bun nuh matter who a gi or receive it.  Read the judge’s response to the accusers attempt at an explanation.

I am of the firm belief that you can sense, smell and feel infidelity.  The only purpose for spying, stalking or tracking is if you are legally married and need to ensure you collect what is due in a court of law.  I make no apologies for this belief.  If it is you are hell bent on spying as this fool did, what more do you need.  You lucky sey u neva damage u own self wen u decide to play the ‘agent’ role. 

One question for your judgeship.  Why bother to mek did ooman tun up ina Court?  On second thoughts.  I will follow this case and hope for an update.  Please do not come to Court lady and declare this was a long lost cousin or uncle from 20 odd years ago.  Love, hate and insanity are all blended together in this rigmarow called man/woman affair.  My advice to those who cannot manage, stay by yourself and ole a medz.

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Jealous man breaks window while spying on girlfriend

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, March 22, 2017     41 Comments

A man who confessed to damaging a window at his girlfriend’s house told the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday that he did it by accident while spying on her because he suspected she was cheating on him.

When the matter was called up, Parish Judge Andrea Pettigrew-Collins asked Nicholas Rashford, who pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property, why he broke the window.

“I went to the house and saw a man there. The first time I saw a man on the bed, him work on the building. The second time mi see him and her,” Rashford replied.

“The fact that you are seeing somebody there, she don’t need to say anything,” Pettigrew-Collins told him.

“She lied the first time,” Rashford uttered.

The complainant, who was not present, was summoned to appear in court on April 26.

Rashford’s bail was extended.

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