How Do You Deal???? – Just Another Day On The Roc – Is That The Right Way To Process????

The reasons are futile as knowing the cause will not be a deterrent in matters of this nature.  What is crystal clear is once you live by a philosophy which says, ‘I am my own law, judge and executioner’, then watch real life manhunts, murders, kidnappings and road fatalities increase.  Where does that leave the citizenry?

If you need to see to believe and not believe to see, then rest your faith in mankind.  I may be sounding a bit spiritual in this moment, or could it be the season, ‘Easter’?  Whatever the reader surmises to that thought is neither here or there, rather, this simple fact…………As heinous as the reports have been in the media, nothing seems to quell the inevitable.  Road fatalities appear to be a weekly occurrence, yet the authorities beseech for caution especially over this period, still two loss of lives on Good Friday, once again speeding.

The powers you seek for guidance, protection and coverage is your personal choice.   Fleshly forces appear lost in translation even defeated at times.  Regardless of the doom and gloom we face we simply must choose to look at it from a positive perspective.  If not, we will be driven by fear of the worst kind.  Easier said than done some might say.  What if it were you or someone close to you?  It is closer than many may realise.  Our Island is but a small one and we are more connected through the power of people.  So yes we are known or may not be known personally, yet how does that change ones positive or negative perspective?

I truly believe fear can kill you and knowing so forces me to process doom and gloom in alternate ways. 

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Businessman shot while driving along Mountain View Ave

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, April 15, 2017     40 Comments

Members of the public photographed at a crime scene. (File Photo)

A businessman was on Thursday shot while driving his Range Rover motor vehicle along Mountain View Avenue in St Andrew.

According to the police, the businessman remains in hospital.

Reports from the police’s Corporate Communications Unit are that the businessman was travelling towards the National Stadium about 1:30 pm when a grey Honda Stream motor car drove up beside his vehicle. The police say the occupants of the Honda motor car opened gunfire at the businessman.

He was reportedly shot in the arm and chest but managed to drive himself to the nearest police station.

He was subsequently taken to hospital.

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