How Do We Rein In The Seniors While At The Same Time Bring In The Millennials To The Voting Pool!!!!

The PhD surely knows how to remind the locals on how to widen their ‘butuism’, ensuring that higher education will and cannot garner self respect.  In politics, especially on the Roc as we have witnessed its evolution, 55 years of independence, the more some of our wannabe leaders remain unchanged.  Growth in age is what is evident.  Growth in decorum, decency, peace is all chanted during election seasons, but never in the heart of those who chant the loudest.  Those whose sole existence is to be front and centre stage, trying to garner support from a select group who will quickly go to war for them; not much different from ‘slavery’.  Difference with slavery and now is, we are supposed to be free.  Free and proud to have a race who survived atrocities.  Free and proud to have a race hold the highest level of office in the United States of America.  Free and proud to believe in a motto that says out of many one people even though the largest group are predominantly from African heritage on the Roc.  Free and proud to have a woman hold the highest office in our country.   However, not too free and proud to continuously have a woman be in a position of influence when it is evident by past behaviours, that learning from one’s prior mistakes does not apply to her.  What moral right, yet political right would such an individual have in swaying the millennials to the movement?  Or do you want to attract the worst of the worst?????

Disgraceful is putting it mildly.  At a time where we are supposed to be celebrating our athletes’ achievements over the decades and their presence at the World Championships, we have an educated female deciding to remain in the pigsty as the filth has become her common ground.  What breed do you wish to attract to your organisaton???  We certainly have enough indiscipline, lawlessness, a society riddled with moral decay prevailing on the land.  Do we really need to endorse, promote and anoint those who continue to take us back to the sewage???

Social media has become a common ground for all and sundry to air their emotions.  Emotions that can incite some to commit suicide, promote hate, divisiveness and evil.  What kind of emotion do you think this comment was designed to evoke?   Anytime you have to lecture seniors about their repeatedly low life, ghetto, ‘nigorish’ behaviour, you best believe it is time for you to QUIT them.  Always remember ‘ghetto’ is a state of mind’, not your postal code!!!!!!!


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Brown Burke under fire over tweet blaming PM for Elaine’s 100m loss

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, August 06, 2017 35 Comments

 Angela Brown Burke

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Newly elected People’s National Party (PNP) standard bearer for St Andrew South Western, Angela Brown Burke, is this evening on the receiving end of social media users’ ire following her post which suggested that Prime Minister Andrew Holness is to blame for what they said was Elaine Thompson’s loss in the women’s 100 metres at the 16th IAAF World Championships in London.

Jamaicans at home and abroad, who are clearly distraught about Thompson’s loss, which followed on the heels of yesterday’s third place finish by sprint superstar Usain Bolt, were clearly not having the PNP vice president’s utterances.

“Andrew dem seh ah you cause it,” she said on Twitter. The tweet was deleted soon after the backlash started and she subsequently tweeted: “Apologies. I have now restricted access [to] my twitter account. Did not capture”.

One user had chided the former Kingston mayor, asking: “How does politics get into our championships? Sill lady”.

“The graciousness & humility of our athletes is an example of the best. Your tweet @brownburke example of vulgar partisan politics & worst of Jamaica”, another said.

“I can’t with Jamaican politicians on social media. They need to come off and keep their tackiness between themselves,” said one user who was corrected by another saying “PNP politicians” not “Jamaican”.

Soon after deleting the tweet, many users screenshot the post with one saying “Dem rush her and she take it down but here is the screenshot. I think a moment this distasteful should be preserved for the by election”.

Many have since called for her to apologise because simply deleting the tweet is not enough.

“Madam, I believe you should apologise for that irresponsible and silly tweet. You have disappointed and offended many. #DoRight.”

However another said in response “Can keep it. She didn’t think it worth something to say sorry the sed (same) time she deleted, kinda see the thought process. Let her slink away”.

“Her tweet was tacky and uncalled for time and place,” said another.

American Tori Bowie won the world title this afternoon while Thompson struggled home in fifth place.

The 25-year-old had started well but by halfway she had been swallowed up and was unable to find an extra gear as she had done most of the season.

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