Hip Hip Hooray, Wi Beat Haiti & Cuba – Lick Up Ur Chest Now – No Sah

Upper St Andrew, middle class, working poor, ‘path..ers’……………..BMWs, range rovers, Audis, party like there is no tomorrow.  Wake up, ease off the weed and take a good look at this Island.  No matter how far upon the hills you live, coming down is a daily routine for many and you can see as clear or if not smell the stench, filth and pop down infrastructure from up, middle and down, called Kingston.

Night fall has a way of hiding, masking, yet the working people of this country have to rise at day break and a sight for sore eyes is putting it mildly.  Read this piece and as positive as one would like to be, there is no denying that shame should be in order.  If celebrating being ahead of Haiti and Cuba is where the positives must be focus on, then wi corner well dark.  Who is at fault?????

Straight up politicians on both sides of the divide.  Law and enforcement, in ability to enforce the weak ass rule of law.  In ability to get cracking on re writing the penalties for many of these toothless laws.  Ole time people used to sey, if u ears caan hear den ur ass will feel.   No use wasting money on signage re littering.  Many of our people are illiterate, and those that are not, are indisciplined and lawless.  Only one thing and one thing alone must be done and that is to inflict penalties and punishment that will serve as a deterrent moving forward.  We chat too much, posture and appear to be actors on a stage each and every time we take the podium.  Pretending to not see what really is taking place in the capital.  Our surroundings are a disgrace.  It should be no surprise when 1st world countries refer to us as a 3rd world banana republic in our politics.  Everything in this country is centered around politics so the blame is squarely to be placed on them.

Take some pride and stop crossing over the filth whilst dressed in your dan dan and declare war on those whose only purpose is to exist in a pig sty.

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Kingston ranks 153rd on livability index

Kingston ranks low on Mercer list of global cities – Behind Port of Spain but ahead of Havana

BY RICHARD BROWNE Business editor browner@jamaicaobserver.com

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, March 17, 2017     55 Comments

 A view of Havanna, capital of Cuba.(Anna Ratt)

From a new list of 231 cities around the world, Kingston ranks at 153, between Ho Chi Ming City in Vietnam and Mumbai, the Indian megapolis at 154.

The ranking comes from Mercer’s 19th annual Quality of Living survey, which was released earlier this week.

The survey considers aspects such as city infrastructure, transportatiion, reliable electricity and water supply. It is used largely by internatioanl firms in helping them to decide where to invest and how to compensate expatriate company workers.

The top-ranked city in the world was Vienna, capital of Austria, followed by Zurich in Switzerland and Auckland in New Zealand.

Bottom-ranked was Baghdad, capital of war-torn Iraq in the Middle East.

Within the Caribbean region, Kingston performed more poorly than most listed cities, including top-ranked Pointe-à-Pitre, capital of the French island of Guadeloupe and San Juan, capital of the US territory of Puerto Rico.

The highest-ranked city from an independent state within the Caribbean region was Panama City, capital of Panama at 97th position. San Jose, capital of Costa Rica followed at 110.

The highest-ranked Caricom city was Nassau, capital of the Bahamas at 113. Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, was ranked at 139.

Kingston was also topped by Port of Spain, capital of Trinidad and Tobago, which ranked 147th, tying with Chongqing in China and placing just above Qingdao, another Chinese city at 149.

Kingston did beat two other Caribbean cities though ­– Havana, capital of Cuba at 192 and Port au Prince, captial of Haiti at 228, just above Baghdad. But when it came to just infrastructure specifically, Port-au-Prince took bottom position at 231, with Baghdad just ahead of it.

Caracas, capital of Venezuela, also performed poorly, placed at 189.

The highest-rated US city was San Francisco at 29 — four spaces below Singapore at 25. London, capital of the United Kingdom, was placed 40th, and New York City at 44. Closer to home, Atlanta was ranked 65th, and Miami — sometimes referred to as ‘Kingston 21’ was placed at 68.

Over in Africa, Accra, capital of Ghana, placed at 166, with Lagos, the largest Nigerian city, placed at 212. The highest-placed African city was Durban in South Africa, ranked at 87, followed by Cape Town, also in South Africa, at 94.

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