Higher Education Attained – Sorry You Have Not Arrived – You Have Only Just Begun – Lascelles Chin Speaks

You are certified, the cost for your tertiary education was not peanuts.  We get it, now you get this.  Your certification gets you through the doors hopefully without nepotism, however, it will not keep you inside.  Neither will your certification afford you a salary package that is going to be exciting for you once you have attained it.

Are you a potential trail blazer?  How much work experience do you have?  Oops sorry you just graduated.  Six months……………sorry what did you say?…………..What value did you add at your last employ?    Excuse me I did not hear you……………..are you going to respond to the question?

Once you have proved your worth, your money will come.  I cannot say it any plainer.  You must have the total package in order to command that income you think you deserve.  When someone asks about you as it relates to your work performance.  You must dazzle, the place for you to shine and floss is in the execution of your job.  If no one who matters and yes matters on the job thinks highly of you in the workplace, not the party place, I suggest if you want to demand more money, go start your own company and see how much you will earn.

Your brilliance must be reflected in your job if you are certified, if you are as good as you say.  Take the time to grow, align yourself with those whose work ethics is impressive and carry yourself the way you want to be viewed.  If you believe you deserve to earn a higher income then for crying out loud carry yourself on that level.  Take pride in your job, be grateful for the job you have while working for what you believe you deserve.  Never entitled rather deserve, based on the value you add.

Diplomas are just learning permits, says Lascelles Chin

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | August 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Outgoing president of Northern Caribbean University, Dr Trevor Gardner (left), presenting executive chairman of the LASCO group of companies, Hon Lascelles Chin, with a Doctor of Humane letters degree at the 93rd second commencement held on Sunday.
Upon receiving a degree, many university graduates believe the hard work has ended and their qualifications will now work for them, but executive chairman of the LASCO Affiliated Companies, Lascelles Chin, says only continuous hard work will bring about success.

Presenting the main address at the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) 93rd second commencement on Sunday, Chin gave a spirited charge to the graduates, using his own experiences as examples of the results of being persistent.

“The diploma you will receive today is really just your learner’s permit for the rest of your journey through life. Remember, you don’t have to be smarter than the next person, you only have to be willing to work hard, persevere and exercise courage in the face of obstacles, always remaining true to the values of honesty, integrity and caring for your fellowmen…”

Road to success

He said further, “Like many of you, my parents did not have life easy. I had to work very hard to achieve success and was denied many things in life. I did not have enough lunch money at times and had to make my own toys … I started business in 1962 with £175 as a commissioned agent. I rented half of a house for my family to live in … that was where National Trading Company started. Today, I head one of the most successful groups of companies with a combined market capitalisation amounting to more than $48 billion.”

Chin, who was conferred with a Doctor of Humane Letters degree by NCU, implored the graduates to adapt to and embrace change in an effort to finding “golden opportunities”.

“Your time here is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise or opinions of others drown out your inner voice, and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Just under 700 graduates were conferred with their degrees.

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