Here Comes The Duppy Conqueror – Minister Of National Security

Lordhavemercy upon us.  U si di JCF tek down 6 gun man an all upon a sudden wi a di baddest ting pon di land an we nah tek nuh check.  I humbly suggest that the more silent the powers to be are when it comes on to criminal warfare and handling of such on the Roc, the better off law abiding citizens of this land will feel.  There is no need for celebration as your wanted list I am sure is still high as the crime rate.  If the truth be told, you have not even begun to scratch the surface of what is facing this land.  These grandeur pronouncement and statistics does absolutely nothing to restore calm amongst our people.  Every day we hear of loss of a life or lives through criminality, therefore whatever figures you are quoting clearly are based on crimes that are not reported to the public.  I daresay if the public were given the real figures, Prozac would become the medication of choice, not weed.  One does not need to be in a state of highness rather comatose state would fit the wellbeing.

It is high time our leaders communicate on the same pricing as their suits and attire.  To speak with clarity, I say this, stop sounding like a butu as your apparel does not line up with your speech.  Changing the way we address ALL is of paramount importance if it is we seek to build up versus denigrate.  You are not in a corner shop or rum bar smoking spliff, shooting the breeze an chatting ‘fart’ with your peeps rolling in hysterics by being under the influence.  Rather you are on a platform, holding a job title of national importance and I will be damned if I endorse this type of performance that is widely common among those from the green and orange party.  By the way the very same ones who demand respect from all walks of life seem to indulge more often than not in this fashion.


‘My uncle is a Obeah man’, Montague warns criminals

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, January 17, 2017 | 3:55 PM     38 Comments

 Robert Montague (file photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Minister of National Security Robert Montague today challenged criminals to keep their lawyers on speed dial as the security forces will be pursuing them relentlessly and without fear.

“Oonu goin run weh because we goin to pursue oonu. This minister no fraid a oonu, my uncle is a Obeah man,” he warned, evoking an outburst of laughter among attendees at an interactive session with heads of security held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston.

Montague said a number of criminals go about with New Testament Bibles in their back pockets and guard rings claiming that “when dem turn the ring (Senior Superintendent of Police) Mr [Steve] McGregor, dem disappear an police cyaan see dem”.

However, he noted that a new 304-bed facility is being constructed at the Tamarind Farm Adult Correctional Centre, and said “Commissioner [of Corrections Ina] Hunter a fix up a nice place fi dem… and we need people to occupy them”.

The security minister yesterday told the Jamaica Observer that his Administration is “moving to rationalise and improve the prison conditions in the country” while reducing the number of incarcerated individuals.

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