Head Sick, Head Nuh Good, Head Gwaan – Tek Time Wid Him – Why??????

Alarming as this may seem, or even appalling to many on the Roc, other nationalities, cultures have done similar.  What pisses off many I would hope is the perverted manner in which he chose to get his kicks and not the reference to ‘white women’.  Sorry to burst the ‘browning’ bubble, but there is a stark difference between full-fledged Caucasian/white and the mixes that result in shades as on the Roc.  Our Jamaicans on the rock who are of ‘brown’, red hue or not dark skinned are often times referred to as white.  They have gotten used to this reference and I daresay some believe they are in fact white until they land in Europe, America, Canada and pretty much any other country that is not the Caribbean.  God bless Jamaica it can then be said.

It brings me to another story, the significance you will glean.  Over 2 decades ago, in Europe, a friend of mine from the Middle East shared an episode.  They were on a business trip in America for a few months after being seconded by their company back East.  Whilst in the elevator, he and his colleague were on a lunch break and was leaving the office.  The elevator made a stop before their exit and sauntered in I was told a white woman with breasts the size of a basketball oozing outside of her top.  Understand the elevator had several persons inside ie more than 4.  His colleague upon seeing the white woman and her boobs immediately grabbed them and began giving them a massage.  White woman, man from Middle East get the picture.  Pandemonium broke out.  In the end, to prevent a law suit, a speedy arrangement was made, the white woman was highly compensated financially and Mr Mr was put on a plane right back to his land of darkness.  I asked the million dollar question.  What kind of pervert did you people have on your team?  I was told simply this.

My colleague had never travelled outside of the Gulf before much less to a western country, America.  Where we come from women are covered from head to toe.  He stated that since she was dressed like that, it was because she wanted people to touch her breasts and since he had never seen anything like this before, he did not think he did anything wrong.  Quite frankly he thought she would have liked it.

White does not have the same appearance to all.   Your exposure or lack thereof may be deemed limited depending on whose culture is making the determination.  Jamaica has mansions, luxury cars, PhDs so much so that you can imagine for a moment you are living in Florida.  While at the same time, we have pit toilets, brown skinned people passing as white, dark skinned people many behaving as if they are slaves living the life of crab n a barrel syndrome, and butuus who are getting visas right left and center flying to the promise land, acting the fool.  Irrespective of us all being Jamaicans, our lives and experiences are extremely different from many who we may encounter day in day out and for those we may just take a glance at seeing them almost daily.

For me I can only take what this boy said as his truth and what the man from the Middle East said also.  Even though they both hailed from very different cultures, they both had one common trait and it is called pervert!!!.  Just deport the Jamaican back a yard and label him a sex deviant if that is possible.  In today’s world whatever you want, there are enough freaks out there that you can get a grope whenever you desire.  There might be a cost, while some might just decide to give you a freebie.


J’can teen in NY arrested for fondling women

(Jamaica Observer)Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | 12:31 PM     47 Comments

KINGSTON, Jamaica – A Jamaican teenager was on Monday arrested and charged with sexual abuse in Brooklyn, New York.

Nineteen- year-old Damario Johnson was reportedly caught in the act fondling a woman in a downtown Brooklyn subway station Monday morning.

Johnson, who is on a student visa in the country, is said to have groped four other women, one last Wednesday, another on Thursday and two on Friday.

According to media reports, Johnson told police that he committed the act because he had never seen white women before and “they’re absolutely beautiful” .

Three of the victims reported the crimes at NYPD transit offices, while a fourth submitted a complaint through an “MTA portal” website, said NYPD Captain Zahid Williams.

“It’s a very distinctive crime, a very, very distinctive method of committing this crime,” Williams said. He targeted women in their 20s to 40s, he said.


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