Freeness Is Guaranteed To Cause ‘Crowd Block’

Marketing strategy at its finest, knowing the Jamaican culture, Digicel by this very move will undoubtedly gain more customers than their competitor Lime when it’s all over.

I for one am unlikely to benefit from such an enticing gimmick and wonder as to the demographics of those who ensure that Digicel and Lime continue to monopolise and earn billions and billions of dollars despite what they may want us to believe.  On the other hand I could benefit from the follow;

a) how about $500 worth of free credit applied or free calls between the hours of 7.00am-10.00am, Monday & Wednesday between networks, land or mobile phones?

b) how about free calls between digicel to digicel on Sat & Sun between the hours of 9.00am-2.00pm?

c) how about free land or mobile calls Mon-Fri between the hours of 7.00pm-9.00pm?


PHOTOS: Free phone, SIM card and $6,000 credit promises draw crowds to phone outlets

(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Saturday | June 27, 2015
 Member of the police spent a big portion of this morning trying to control large crowds that gathered at various Digicel outlets in the corporate area.

With the telecommunications company sending text messages informing customers that they would be able to access free phone, SIM card and $6,000 credit if they make the switch to Digicel under the number portability scheme introduced at the start of this week.

Number portability allows persons to switch their networks but keep their telephone numbers.

Meanwhile, Telecommunications company LIME this morning reported that it has had more than 700 requests from persons wanting to switch from the Digicel network.

At the same time, LIME says 50 of its customers have asked be switched to Digicel.

On Monday, number portability was introduced to Jamaica.

Both fixed line and mobile phone customers can benefit under the number portability system.

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