Fi Real – 30 Years Cayman Police Nuh Kill Nobady Till Dem Buk Upon A Jamaican Illegal????

Can we learn something about Cayman’s governance or what?  In that Island, am I to believe that most wrong doers are not trigger happy as they are in Jamdown?  Or is it that the Cayman police shoot but never killed a suspect?  Either way, I find this astounding.  It could be I am used to living on the Roc where the reverse is the norm so anything outside of my norm appears astounding.  Then again that Island has a population of under 100,000 so we could take such into account.  Ahhhhh still not sure in trying to compare the Roc on a per capita basis to other regions.

When you think on this.  We have police shoot up pon a regular basis as some a di ‘roun robin’ dem.  Right about now, we have many of these kinds of killings in concentrated areas.  Notwithstanding, the meat of this piece I would like to raise to your consciousness is that we write our own script way too often.  Some a wi while I can understand the emotions of being Jamaican, love to draw not the race card but the ‘bad mind’ card when we run afoul of the law in others country.   Or when other islands sey dem nuh want wi ina dem country.

The drug trade is a business and while we have those from other Islands and elsewhere being caught trying to leave our Ports with their loot, how often do we hear of other Islanders taking up residence in JA, forming gangs and committing all manner of evil?  Just saying that wrong is wrong and must be called out.  Hiding behind or deflecting when one of own is caught, killed or treated otherwise should cause us to face our reality.  Reality as to the underlying fact as many Jamaicans leave this land to take up residence elsewhere.  Not all are doing so for good intentions.  Instead of touting bad mind as the reason for every disparaging comments made about our people, let us look at situations case by case and with all the facts versus bits of pieces for sensationalism.

INDECOM……………even if they had, 30 years and  the 1st killing, would not even warrant an investigation.  One ting though demya Police after no practice for 3 decades manage to shoot fi kill………Nuh miss whatsoever.  Dead as nit!!!


Jamaican first to be killed by cops in Cayman Islands in 3 decades

(Jamaica Observer) Saturday, January 07, 2017 | 12:19 PM     31 Comments

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands — The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) confirmed Friday that they killed a Jamaican gun suspect in the first fatal police officer-involved shooting here, since at least the 1980s.

According to the Cayman Compass, the dead man has been identified as Norval Barrett, 34, who was in the Cayman Islands illegally.

Police Commissioner David Byrne said the suspect was the subject of a search warrant being served in the Windsor Park area of George Town around 5:30 am Friday. However, he declined to independently confirm Barrett’s identity, citing the ongoing investigation.

According to police reports, the suspect exited a residence on Theresa Drive with a firearm. Byrne said two RCIPS armed officers fired “a number of shots” and injured the suspect.

Barrett was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police commissioner said he could not confirm whether the suspect had fired any shots at the police, although he said that was being looked at. The firearm retrieved by police at the scene was loaded, Byrne said.

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