Faye Reid-Jacobs, Prominent Member of The JLP – Dead – Apparent Suicide On Mothers Day

The suspected suicide of this prominent lady has created quite a stir and have many speculating as to why.  Why?????  That is an answer we will never have as the contemplation of committing suicide is a dark place one should try not to wander.  Those who succumb as I have opined on the very topic some time ago, it is going to be left to the Creator to cast the judgement.  What is abundantly clear is that we can and must never look at someone and make a judgement or declaration that they have it all together due to their achievements in life.  None of us have the ability to read minds.  We fool ourselves into thinking that by staring, glaring, peeking and observing people daily, we somehow know what they are thinking or going through.  If that was the case, suicide would be obsolete.  The opposite is true as so many persons are finding themselves in that dark place.

The most we can do is to get in touch with our own fears on a deeper level and try our utmost to live in truth.  The expectations that others may have of us which ultimately causes us to place burdens on our own selves must be relinquished at once.  We are responsible to loving ourselves on a level that ‘self’ is never considered a negative.  If we do not have a healthy relationship with self, everything we wish to accomplish in our professional, spiritual and family life will be a ‘mask’.  Self-acceptance with flaws is a must while we work on areas of improvement.  You are in no position to accept others and assist others if you are struggling with your true self.  One can live in a mask for many years even decades but it eventually catches up with you as such falsities in itself is a burden.  We can only help those who choose to be open and honest about their struggles.  Expecting such openness requires us to become people of integrity.  Not a people who fall prey to idle gossip going around and discussing the struggles of others for the sake of bemusement or amusement.

Can we really help someone?  Yes as long as the person recognises they are in need of help.  You cannot help someone who says daily all is well knowing full well they are struggling internally and the mind is playing evil tricks on them.  I am always of the belief after reading an article in the daily papers some years ago by a popular psychiatrist.  If memory serves me correct, it stated that over 50% of Jamaicans are struggling with some form of mental illness and it is high time the stigma be removed.  So for me, it matters not how well you seem to be navigating through Planet Earth.  If I spend time with you in dialogue, I will get a general idea of your head space.  As I like to say as a communicator, I will go as far as I can in talking with people.  If I am in a position to say, I know you, it is my belief that I will hardly be surprised at the actions you may or may not take in your personal or professional life.  Therefore, I do not know many people, however, I am acquainted with more than many.

I cannot wrap my head around suicide, but I know what it is to be in a dark place.  What makes some move out of the dark place into the light and others do not?  That I do not have the answer for.   I am only thankful that I choose to remain in the light never to the return to the darkness of the mind.

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UPDATE: Suicide suspected in Faye Reid-Jacobs’ death

(Jamaica Gleaner) Monday, May 09, 2016 | 9:50 AM     55 CommentsPrint this page Email A Friend!

 Faye Reid-Jacobs (File photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Faye Reid-Jacobs, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate who unsuccessfully contested the December 1 by-election in Westmoreland Central following the death of then Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke, is suspected to have committed suicide on Sunday night.

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Reports from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit are that Reid-Jacobs allegedly ingested a chemical substance at her Long Mountain, upper St Andrew home about 6:30 pm.

She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead about 8:20 pm, the police say.
Reid-Jacobs, a financial consultant, polled 6,268 to the People’s National Party’s Dwayne Vaz, who polled 8,720, in the by-election.

She later tendered her resignation in September 2015 as the party’s standard-bearer in the constituency, citing inadequate financial resources needed to mount her campaign in a bid to wrest the seat from the PNP in the general elections, which were held in February 2016.

Reid-Jacobs, a banker by profession, studied banking and finance and international human resource management and organisational behaviour.

She held senior executive positions in major Caribbean banks and had continued to use her expertise to serve the region’s banking and financial services sector.

Reid-Jacobs was also a founding director of Caribbean Integrated Financial Services Ltd and was an associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (London) and a Fellow of the IFS School of Finance (formerly the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London), who had accreditation from the University of London at the Master’s level in International Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviours.

She was also listed in the Who’s Who of Professionals in 2000 and the Jamaica Directory of Personalities.

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