Dr Alfred Dawes Is Back In Public Service On The Roc

A welcome return as we desperately need persons who can ‘talk di tings’ and allow the chips to fall wherever they may.  Unfortunately too many people are threatened by others who by their actions are fearless and is a ‘lacky’ to no one.  It is interesting to see how many big mouth ‘lacky’s’ we have posturing on  the Roc.

It is one thing to be certified.  It is another to be able to apply your knowledge in areas that brings fruit consistently and over time.   It appears that our Island loves the qualified rightfully so.   Rewards the qualified under performers for failing to execute their duties credibly, efficiently and effectively.  While at the same time, punish those who possess a profound care for humanity because they speak the truth.  When you truly care it is against human decency to cover up or by your silence suppress your knowledge of the ills in your profession especially when lives are at stake.

You cannot say you are in the business of saving lives yet the very tools and surroundings needed to provide basic service is lacking.  Too many are crippled by fear hence their silence.  Only bullies attempt to silence.   Yet the bullies can be silenced as long as there are those who have the courage to say enough is enough, no more. 

They say no man is an Island, I agree.  They say one man can make a difference, I agree.  Dr Alfred Dawes is that man.    He  has accepted a senior position by his appointment.  One he was denied of under the PNP Administration.  His appointment  was by the former Health Minister, Dr Horace Dally who replaced Dr Fenton Ferguson I note.

This is a just appointment to a man who has displayed by his actions love for country and mankind regardless of class, colour or status.  Jamaica needs people like Dr Alfred Dawes in public service.  His loyalty appears to be to those seeking medical care who cannot afford private and not to political big wigs,   bureaucrats  or  technocrats.  Refreshing to see the latest developments and one can only hope the envious, jealous and weak spirited ‘lacky’s’ do not sabotage this progressive move in time to come.

‘We dun know how dem tan pon di Roc. Crab ina barrel deh ina every sector.  Not to mention sey Dr Dawes look like a REAL MAN.  U si mi’.

Dawes appointed SMO at Savanna-la-Mar hospital

(Jamaica Observer) Thursday, March 24, 2016 | 7:41 AM     49 Comments

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Immediate past president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association Dr Alfred Dawes has been appointed senior medical officer for the Savanna-la-Mar hospital in Westmoreland.

OBSERVER ONLINE has learnt that Dr Dawes was recruited by former Health Minister, Horace Dalley.
Dr Dawes, who was instrumental in exposing the state of the country’s public health sector last May, resigned from public service last year after a few of his applications for more senior positions in the health sector were not accepted by the State.

This fuelled speculations that his efforts to advance to more senior positions in the public health system were being obstructed and that he was being punished for his exposure of the health service’s extremely poor state.

Dr Dawes later left the island to take up a job offer in The Bahamas.
“I’m leaving for a job in Bahamas – Grand Bahama, but I will be back. It will be three months for now but depending on how things go I may stay a little longer, but I will be back,” he told the Observer then.

OBSERVER ONLINE has also learnt that the position to which he has now been appointed – SMO at Savanna-la-Mar hospital – is the same position the outspoken doctor had applied for last year, but was not given the job.

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