Disya Blind Love A Kill Off Plenty People – Is It Really Worth It?

Conversations steer around this belief more now than ever that women are not only becoming more independent financially but have no issues with carrying the ‘load’ so to speak.  They are willing to finance their significant other, take care of the children, with the only expectation and that is to receive good sex when and wherever they want it.  To each his own.  Nonetheless, I will say this enuh.   Wen it nuh go di way u want it an big man (don’t know how big a man can really be when he is unwilling or unable to step up to the plate) start fi diss u.  U betta tek it like a soldier, stop bawl a gwaan like sey a dis best ting fi u since slice bread.  U and I know sey u choose fi deh wid di man caas a dat u did want.  When you ask for little, you will get little.  When you settle for little, you will receive likewise.  There is no two way around this and no amount of cussing, bawling, or family intervention will save the day.  There is more to being a man than the bed room bully as there is more to being a woman than the w@@@@ in the bedroom and the lady on the outside.  For crying out loud, stop lying to yourself and call it for what it is.

We have this woman aged 44, dead and according to the family, ‘husband’ tun coat within a month upon landing in the big apple.  Believe it or not, there are many in relationships that feel the checking in likened to the interrogation one goes through at immigration, is quite acceptable in a relationship.  My question is, you really believe that means care and love?  At what point in time does the checking in resembles an interrogation?  Do you believe that a union between two people means a ‘prison’ sentence?  Now it is bad and not so bad, when a man is able to provide for the woman to the standard she has become accustomed to.  Or in fact was raised in and begins to aire concerns if that woman is not living the life of a ‘virtuous’ woman.  When you choose to take on a man as your husband who is less than worthy, let me put it mildly, then prey tell what do you expect?

This woman knew this man for 15 years, and within a couple of months of migrating to the USA, and moving in with her parents, man start to act di fool?  It is sad, a tragedy and as someone said to me a few days ago, women need to be very careful about their kind of love.  Meditate on this.  How can you give up loving yourself to love another?  Do you really think that is love?  Compromise does not cause you to sacrifice your well being to the extent of death for another.  You were created for a purpose.  It did not take years for prince charming to revert to a frog.  The signs are always there, unfortunately many allow pride, opinions of others and a false sense of what they believe failure is, to allow them to suffer while keeping up appearances.

Somebody betta buss a tune about loving with your eyes wide open.

J’can woman fatally stabbed in NY; husband main suspect

(Jamaica Gleaner) Sunday | November 27, 2016 | 12:01 PM

A Jamaican woman was found stabbed to death inside her apartment in New York, in the United States yesterday afternoon.

The New York Daily News reports that police are eyeing her estranged husband  – also Jamaican – as a person of interest in the killing.

Sophia Lamb, 44, was found by her mother sprawled out on the living room floor of the Bronx apartment they shared, the newspaper quoted relatives as saying.

According to the relatives, Lamb and her husband met in Jamaica 15 years ago and he moved in with her parents in June this year when he emigrated to New York.

However Lamb’s father, Audley Malcolm, told the newspaper that within a month his son-in-law became “cold and controlling”.

“She wanted to have dinner with her sister, he said no. She would come home from work and it’s a problem,” he recounted.

“I told her, go to Immigration (Services) and cry like you’ve never cried before, throw yourself on the floor and tell them you’re not leaving until they come and take him back to Jamaica,” Malcolm continued.

The woman’s mother, Sylvia Malcolm, said her son-in-law was kicked out of the house several weeks ago but returned on Friday saying he wanted to talk to his wife.

Up to late yesterday no one had been charged in connection with Lamb’s death, the Daily News reported.

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