Di Irony Of It All – Soldier & Police Ina Di Robot Taxi Dem….

Ah boi wen di hustle mash up di hustler……………..How often do we have these tragic accidents resulting in deaths of our citizens and even visitors to the Island?  What does it mean when Police and government speak to traffic offenses and then have the very same law enforcement personnel derailing the process?  Simply this………………Mi affi do mi ting whether it straight or not……..Mi need fi mek a certain amount of money fi live mi life an whether mi ina uniform or not, mi hustle nah stop…………..

If you recall some time ago when we were on the mission to remove robot taxis from the Streets of Kingston.  Well televised, a robot taxi operator adamantly stated in full frontal that he would not stop doing his hustle as he knew for a fact that the very said Police had robot taxis on the Road.  How do you achieve your mission of enforcing law and order on the roads in this Island when the very same enforcers are part of the hustle?

Moral decay is pervasive.  Corruption is pervasive.  Long gone are the days when you can hold certain position and wield the pendulum chanting, ‘do as I say, not as I do’.  Is a different kettle of fish u a deal wid in demya times.  A prayers affi help plenty a wi who believe in such.  Sad to say those in leadership nuh ave nuh chat, nuh respect, nuh fear, nuh ratings, to those they lead, manage or supervise.  Public Sector needs to be overhauled………………..wage dispute back on the table at the start of 2018…………Sick out may roll over again…………….  What do we have???  A High Command that appears to be powerless, a government that appears to be toothless, an opposition that appears to be waiting for the next general election.  Why?????

We do not have the ‘collective will’, or the independent ‘power’ to do the tough, not talk the tough, rather do the tough.  Just read the article in today’s Observer on the action taken against Saudi Royals who refused to pay their utility bills.  A privilege enjoyed before some of you were born, before JA’s Independence.  Wait a minute, do you and I pay the utility bills of electives in government and opposition??????  I already know we pay for those who refuse to pay who are ever loyal on Election Day.


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JCF, JDF members hurt in deadly robot taxi crash; Henry orders detailed analysis

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, January 07, 2018 9 Comments

Mike Henry

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Minister of Transport and Mining, Lester Mike Henry has ordered the Road Safety Unit to do a “detailed analysis of the black boxes” from the two motor vehicles involved in a deadly crash, which claimed four lives, on Old Harbour Road in St Catherine on Friday.

The report, according to a release from the ministry, is to be submitted by Monday.

‘Preliminary reports indicate that speeding and overtaking were the major contributing factors to the crash, which was so intense that it caused the four airbags in both motor vehicles to deploy,” the ministry said.

Henry has been informed that both motor cars were operating as public passenger vehicles without the requisite road licenses and insurance coverage. The crash has been the worse so far this year and among the injured were members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Jamaica Defence Force, added the ministry.

Henry said he is disappointed that people who have sworn to uphold the law were participants in an illegal act committed by the drivers of the motor cars.

The minister further appealed to members of the commuting public to ensure that they take full responsibility for their safety by utilising only the designated vehicles in the transport sector.

The transport minister said he is sending a strong message to those who are using their motor vehicles in an illegal manner that he will not condone these practices as passengers must be protected against any injury that they may sustain in a crash.

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