Deportees From The UK Have Arrived In JA – Pissed Like Hell They Sound Off

This is a prime example why there are those who are against ‘weed’ smoking, not to mention the use of cocaine/hard drugs.  It is clear as day light that after listening to those who landed, the mental capacity is not one of confusion, rather totally re wired to that of common sense.  It is highly embarrassing as a Jamaican to give ear play to those who are hell bent on re writing laws in whichever country they choose to stake claim.  It is an indictment on us ALL.  We must ask ourselves why we are profiled in the manner we face when we sport our Jamaican passport.  I say look to the deportees, and take a few minutes as strenuous as it maybe to listen to their grouse.  Certainly there are valid cases and exceptions to the rule, however, focus on what we have here in front of us.

When in Rome do as the romans do should be taken literally when you leave the land of your origin.  You maintain your culture yes, but in a foreign land it would be wise to know their norms and practices relative to the law, so you do not look like the fool.  Ensure you have a legal basis for any challenges you wish to bring forth.  Are you a citizen of the country you are deported from?  Did you obtain legal resident status?  Did you receive a legal extension to your visitor’s visa, not the extension you have given yourself, the one coming from the Home Office?  Did you have a work permit?  If you were married, were you granted resident status based on your marriage?  Where is the paperwork to support your claim of legitimacy?

If it is you broke the law whether you respect the law of the land or not, then your return to the Island is exactly where you should be.  If you thought as a non citizen you could reside in a country not of your birth, break their laws, and allowed to remain; words cannot fully express what needs to be done to your brain cells at this point in time.  Any attorney who will take your case,  I dare say if it is pro bono they maybe seeking some public attention because oono nah go back deh legally.  Some a oono nuh ave nuh entitlement to other people country wey oono go an waan run tings like oono deh a Jamaica.  Jamaica may keep up arms house, but certain country a set fi oono an as oono slip oona ago slide.  Di way som a beat up up dem chest like dem did born ina Buckingham Palace, is why many in the diaspora wen dem si and hear oono, dem move like lightning caas dem nuh waan nuh badie know sey oono born a did same country called Jamaica.  Si di one a Canada which is a different story entirely, Foreign Affairs a yaard had to ascertain if he was in fact Jamaican.  What’s up with that?  Must I conclude that there are those purporting to be Jamaicans when they run foul of the law, or it is assumed they are guilty of something warranting remand?

As impressive as we are in a few areas, make no mistake our reputation which runs in the negative far outweighs the positives.  We need to address this, speak the truth and stop use opportunities to garner votes.  Our people which should be our greatest asset suffer from a deadly virus called indiscipline.  They take it wherever they go and if as a country you believe that other nations are going to be star struck over some of our achievements and talents and give us a bligh, we have another thing coming.  Defending the indefensible is hypocrisy at best!!!

‘Sell out!’… J’can among deportees from UK says gov’t failed them

 (Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | September 7, 2016 | 6:21 PM
The deportees were released today after being processed at the Mobile Reserve in St Andrew.

Two of the 42 Jamaicans who were today deported from the United Kingdom have accused the Jamaican government of failing to do enough to protect the interest of its citizens in the UK.

The 42 deportees were deported after committing offences.

Fiver others were not sent back to Jamaica after their lawyers intervened at the last minute.

One of the deportees who declined to give his name, labelled the government as a “sell-out”.

Another deportee, Seon Clarke, agreed and argued that Jamaicans in the UK are being targeting and mistreated.

Clarke, who admitted to living in the UK illegally and to stealing ganja there, said the Jamaican government should do more to stand up for the rights of Jamaicans.

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The deportees were released today after being processed at the Mobile Reserve in St Andrew.

As they left the building, onlookers said people who spend the majority of their lives in a foreign country, like the UK,  should not be deported, noting that many of these persons don’t have family support in Jamaica.

They also argued that more state-funded support services should be made available to deportees.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs Ministry says it will remain in contact with both the Jamaican High Commission in London, as well as the Ministry of National Security, to address any deportation issues which might arise.

IN PHOTO: Kamina Johnson Smith

Earlier today, Opposition spokesman on Foreign Affairs Morais Guy said the issues surrounding the deportations from the UK highlight the need for the government to move swiftly to appoint a High Commissioner to London.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has stated that the appointment of a new High Commissioner is currently being finalised.

The ministry also says the staff of the High Commission in London, including an Acting High Commissioner, remain available to advise members of the Jamaican Diaspora in the United Kingdom about actions available to their relatives who are facing deportation.

According to the Ministry, the deportation of the 42 Jamaicans was facilitated under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of Jamaica and the United Kingdom.

Yesterday. a group of demonstrators gathered at the Jamaican High Commission in London and protested the cooperation of the Jamaican government with the UK.

They said the move was unfair as some of the persons had been in the UK since they were children.

In a release today, the foreign affairs ministry said there have been similar deportations by the UK in the past.

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