Deportee Do U Ting – It Does Not Mean A Death Sentence Upon Your Return

U try a ting, u get dip……………..wheel an come again, that is life, no shame in your game.  Great piece to share with the public as we often get the impression that everyone who gets deported based on media are criminals.  We must educate in the public domain and have an understanding that those who overstay on their visitors visas were not all involved in nefarious activities.  Knowledge can reduce the stigma and fear element in concluding that all deportees will create havoc on the Roc.

The reality is upon us as more persons will be deported from 1st world countries and I am sure Jamaicans make up a fair amount.  What is going to be done?  Does the government plan to institute a programme or at least create a registry where skilled deportees can have a go to listing to assist them in earning their keep?  Again not all as that is certainly not the way to think will pose a threat to the Island.  If they do not have families, what exactly are we expecting from them?  We need labourers with the right attitude.  We need persons willing to try and start up their own businesses.  If our current labour force does not fill those 2 needs, then surely we can and should look to those returning to the Island.  Existing amongst us in our workforce are those with criminal mindsets who just have not been caught.  Those caught have been dismissed by their employers who made the decision not to get the law involved.  Should we really be alarmed when our deportees land on the Roc?  Can you identify those deportees who have served sentences for hardened crimes versus those who have overstayed on their visa without any criminal record?

Many more Bansie’s exist in the mix.  With hard work, dedication and commitment, anything is possible.

Life goes on as US deportee sets up shop

BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Senior Observer writer

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, November 27, 2016     7 Comments

BANSIE… its important for me to help other deportees

One week before the opening of Bansie’s Food Market, proprietor Oneil Bansie was busy putting finishing touches to what he considers a life-changing enterprise.

Located along Molynes Road (approaching Washington Boulevard) in Kingston, the store opened last weeky. Bansie, 41, patterned it off the American Green Grocery, where “customers can shop in comfort”.

According to Bansie, his target market are people wary of travelling to downtown Kingston to shop at the established Coronation Market.

“Not everyone wants to go downtown, especially with all the crime. Plus, there are people who don’t like to buy food from off a sidewalk, so we are giving them an opportunity to purchase fresh food in air-conditioned comfort,” he said.

Bansie starts the business as manager with a staff of three. He has two partners: Judith Brown, who lives in England, and his father Cecil, a businessman who operated Cecil’s Tyres for many years.

Though he never graduated from high school (Calabar), Waterhouse-born Bansie said working in his family’s company as a youngster gave him an appreciation for commerce.

“I’ve been a businessman all my life…I grew up in my father’s business, plus I was a show promoter in the United States. I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” he said.

Bansie lived in the US for 20 years, working mainly as a dancehall artiste and show promoter on the East Coast. He said he was deported in 2014 for being an illegal resident.

Given the negative image of deportees in Jamaica, failure is not option for Bansie, whose store will be mainly sourced with produce through farmers from St Elizabeth and his hometown of Sligoville, St Catherine.

“Its important for me to help persons who have been deported, show them that life goes on. Once someone like me succeeds, it gives them strength,” he said.

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