Dead Man Tell No Tale – Peter Abrahams – What A Wicked Act!!!!!

Do you believe this crap that this 61 years old man is literally coughing up and spitting out.  Vipers have a way of doing the very same thing.  61 years old tuff turbit wortliss man, who is married to Mr Abrahams housekeeper is now professing a gay affair with the journalist.  ‘Sugar Daddy’ term is not only reserved for the older man and younger girl.  Included are the male on male relationships.  If you believe this spin, even at 61 years old, you can be classified as young once the relationship you are in puts you at least 10 years your partner’s junior.  Well, that is according to my philosophy.  In this case mass man is almost 30 years Mr Abrahams junior.

What I am most annoyed at is this degenerate claims he had an argument with Mr Abrahams over the withdrawal of J$1 million from his debit card.  This is the Roc, which financial institution allows you to withdraw J$1 million from the ATM?  Only the ATM will you receive cash by tendering your debit card.  Him tek di police dem fi idiaat or what?  Why have we given this mongrel media space?  Is this the story he plans to sing all the way to the Court house?  To top it off, he claims his wife knows nothing of this ‘special relationship’ as he engaged in it only for the money.  So wifey whether they are together or not, has now heard your version of what took place and had been taking place whilst she dust, swept and washed away via the media.  Who do you think is going to believe this cock n bull story?  Do you have any photos?  After all you are a hustler and prostitute by your own admission.  So tell me how come you never tek nuh picture suh u coulda add blackmail to di list.

I do not believe this version of events and may Peter Abrahams soul rest in peace.  They say dead man tell no tale.  On the Roc, a whole heap a people believe ina duppy.  From what I heard about the Brazilian President earlier this week who has left his palatial mansion as it was believed dat fi dem version of duppy did ina di place a freak him an im wife out.  Watch uself mass man as u might open up some can a duppy as it appears u love fi play wid dem.  Is only a certain kine a person do an sey di tings dem u a talk after being accused of the murder of this 97 years old renowned journalist who made Jamaica his home.

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Murder accused alleges gay affair with Peter Abrahams — sources

The man accused of killing Peter Abrahams is said to have told police he was involved in a “special relationship” with the distinguished journalist.

Sources informed Loop News that Norman Tomlinson — the 61-year-old husband of Abrahams’ helper — said the relationship involved both men touching and kissing each other.

Tomlinson, Loop News was informed, said he got involved with the 97-year-old wheelchair-bound Abrahams for the money.

Tomlinson said his wife didn’t know about the relationship with Abrahams — and that he didn’t go to Abrahams’ Red Hills, St Andrew, home during the hours his wife worked there.

Abrahams was found dead at home January 18. Tomlinson — a resident of Cyprus district, in Red Hills — was subsequently arrested and charged.

Large sums of cash had been withdrawn from Abrahams’ bank account leading up to Abrahams’ death.

In relation to the cash, Loop News has been informed that Tomlinson told police that Abrahams gave him his debit card and that he took $1 million from the account to purchase a power saw and other items.

Loop News was further informed that Tomlinson said he and Abrahams, who was also a novelist, got into an argument over the amount taken from the account.

He said he was holding Abrahams’ wheelchair when he fell out of it. He said he tried helping up Abrahams, who fell again because he was too heavy for him to manage.

According to the source, Tomlinson said nothing about killing Abrahams.

Tomlinson appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court March 15 and his case was set for a later date.

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