Dead As Nit – One Less Tief Fi Christmas

Look like di soldier dem know how fi hit di target and mek sure dem dead.  Shoot to kill or do not shoot at all.  Den again, wen di popo dem do di same, INDECOM come calling in addition to JFJ.  Right now, I really do not care.  When you live in concrete jungle, fleshly warfare as well as spiritual warfare must be fought viciously.  Might as well u gi di whole a wi gun an mek wi protect wi self an nobada wid no court system.  How many persons truly get justice on the Roc?  Hmmmph, mek mi ease off a dat.

This is what it has come to.  Sentiments that are cold, callous, cruel and vengeful.  You get that from being sick and tired, of lawlessness on the land.  The feeling that the more you try and keep your head above the water, the more leeches seem to sprout up on a daily basis.  While many pray as that is indeed powerful, so is taking action when you are in a position to do so.  Praying that the action you take will result in you living and the leech, dead as nit.

Ex-soldier kills thief who trailed him from bank

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, December 06, 2016     55 Comments

A man who yesterday attempted to rob an ex-soldier was shot dead on North Odeon Avenue in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew.

A police source told the

Jamaica Observer that about 2:10 pm the licensed firearm holder had just concluded business at a bank in the area and was walking along North Odeon Avenue when he was pounced on by a man, armed with a knife, who attempted to rob him. The ex-soldier, who received injuries to his hand and forehead during a tussle, pulled his firearm and shot the man. He reportedly died on the spot.

The police source said the ex-soldier was reportedly trailed by him from the bank.

The deceased was not identified up to press time last night.

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