Dayton Campbell – You Have a Story That Can Motivate Millions – Stick To It!!!

We all have a ‘story’ that is ‘life’.  What we choose to do with that story is called our ‘purpose’ in life.  MP Campbell story is an awe inspiring one that can give hope, and propel those whose mindsets are engrained to believe that their future is stuck in their past especially a past that is considered ‘unfortunate’ due to whatever circumstances that they were born  or thrust in.

Often times on this journey of life we get side tracked, ‘caught up’, distracted, resulting in momentary loss as to what our ‘purpose’ really is all about, losing our path.  Politics if one is not careful can cause the well intentioned to be remembered not for the ‘value’ they can add, rather their lapse in judgement with the spoken word when they allow themselves to be distracted.  Who you become will be evidenced over time, so remember your beginnings and use it to catapult to heights that you could only imagine.  There is much more to ‘purpose’ that a nice ride, nice house, certification and perceived status.  ‘Influence’ speaks far more than the position itself.  The position you hold if you are able to become influential by commanding respect followed by integrity and credibility, I daresay without the ‘cheap talk’ you will come to realise such is beneath your mental capacity and just rise.


PNP is about progress, not promises — Dayton Campbell

(Jamaica Observer) Sunday, September 20, 2015 | 12:52 PM   

Dayton Campbell (file photo)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Member of Parliament for North Western St Ann Dr Dayton Campbell, during his presentation at the 77th annual People’s National Party conference now under way at the National Arena in Kingston, today emphasised that the PNP “is about progress, not promises”.

In an obviously emotional presentation that garnered tumultuous applause from those gathered at the session, Dr Campbell said he is a product of the PNP.

Dr Campbell told the audience that his mother was a domestic helper and his father was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and that growing up, he was constantly reminded that he is the son of a “prison bud”.

However, he said despite the constant reminders while growing up, he, along with his two siblings in 2008, graduated from the University of the West Indies.

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