Dark Skinned Girls Will You Stop Bleaching??? – Dark Brown Girls Will You Stop Toning?????

Million dollar questions to which I have no answer.  The ‘afro’ a statement goes straight to the heart of those who believe their own texture hair in its natural form is horrid.  For me the bigger statement is that beauty, pretty, cute whatever your synonym is to describe attractiveness, is that it can be found in the darker hue.  We have developed into a race where the ‘dark’ is considered less than once the colour of coffee is changed upon the addition of white milk.  Whether you want to pretty it up and say dark chocolate, brown chocolate, the inference is obvious as chocolate the majority is known to be ‘dark’.  Are we ALL happy that Davina placed as 2nd runner up and is getting all this attention from the globe?  Is your spouse declaring she is a raving beauty and what is your honest feeling?  Not your politically correct response as a female of a different hue.  For the dark skinned ladies, are you truly happy to be represented?  Or silently you feel a certain discomfort as you are a closet bleacher or toner?

How do you feel if you found out your spouse cheated on you with a dark skinned female?  Keeps glancing at dark skin females or better still made a pass at them and you found out?  Is your feeling how could you?  Or is the feeling, imagine that black gyal and look pon mi?  I tell you this, not ALL are pleased with this outcome for different reasons.  Feelings are a hell of a thing, and when you yourself perpetuate that anything dark/black nuh good.  Anything dark/black cannot come ahead of me, I daresay you are dying for the Davina rush to quell.

I remember I met a woman once who told me when her husband met her he said she was the perfect woman for him.  She was nice and light close to white yet all Jamaican and he was the luckiest man.  Under 7 years of marriage, she found out he was having an affair and got his matey pregnant.  He then declared he wanted a divorce.  She asked what went wrong?  His response…………’ You are no longer black enough for me.  I have found myself and I am now in love with a dark skinned woman who is having my baby’.  I was distraught for her and had no words to express my emotion.  Lesson…………love your skin and separate yourself from the pack.


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Davina Bennett, who finished third in Miss Universe on Sunday, could have a few lucrative deals coming her way.

Local franchise holder Karl Williams was reserved, but mentioned that they are in the process of negotiations and signing two major endorsement deals for the beauty queen.

“We are in the process of signing off on something major for her… it’s a major endorsement,” he hinted in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

“There’s one local and one international. So as soon as everything is signed off we will make the announcement… We are also beng invited to Peru and some of the other Caribbean islands with her, so a lot of contacts are being made,” Williams continued.

He explained that the excitement surrounding Bennett in Las Vegas was palpable.

“It was just madness and the whole excitement was carried over into Monday morning straight into checking in at the airport last night. The people were just all over her, she was the Queen of Hearts. Another thing that happened which was quite similar to Kaci Fennell’s situation where the queen was crowned and then half of the girls went over to Davina and just cheered for her and then the audience started chanting: ‘Jamaica, Jamaica’. So it was magical,” he said.

It has also been reported that the show’s host, comedian and television personality, Steve Harvey, also acknowledged Bennett as his preferred winner, but Williams could not confirm.

“I heard that he said: ‘You are my queen’, I don’t know how exact that is. But what I did see on stage was that he just bowed to her,” said Bennett.

Speaking at a welcome reception and press briefing at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston yesterday morning, Bennett said words fail her in describing the experience.

“I wouldn’t want it to go any other way. Seeing the reaction of the crowd and people in Las Vegas overall, from all different races and countries I have to say it feels like I was the person that won. It’s not a feeling that I can explain. You would have been in the moment to live it and see it to just understand. After the show I decided to just put on my jacket and leave thinking people aren’t gonna recognise me. They had to be pulling people off me, it was like the paparazzi… it was crazy with people chanting: ‘You are my Miss Universe. So I made the impact that I wanted and made history.”

“It was like a Jamaican party. I remember standing just waving and I remember the crowd just chanting ‘Jamaica, Jamaica’ and I got a standing ovation from everyone in the audience and that was just remarkable and that is a moment that I can never replace,” she said.


Davina focus of major fashion magazines

Senior staff reporter

(Jamaica Observer) Wednesday, November 29, 2017 17 Comments

Miss Jamaica Universe Davina Bennett is obviously thrilled at seeing her aunts and Mitchell Town neighbours in yesterday’s Jamaica Observer on her arrival home yesterday. Sharing her joy are Culture Minister Olivia Grange and Miss Jamaica Universe franchise holder Karl Williams (Photos: Joseph Wellington)

International fashion and lifestyle glossies, Essence, Allure, Elle and People magazines are among the global press that have picked up stories on the success of Jamaican beauty Davina Bennett, who placed third in the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The stories have all focussed on her rich chocolate skin and trademark afro, praising her for bucking tradition and going into an international pageant with her natural hairstyle.

Bennett, who returned to the island yesterday morning, rubbished the notion that her skin colour and her hair resulted in her not walking away with the coveted title.

“Oh no!,” she declared during a welcome-home reception at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

“If it was for the afro and my skin I would not have made it to the Top 16 or the Top 3 for that matter. It was 92 strong contenders and if my afro was the issue, or my skin tone, I wouldn’t have made the first cut. It was my dedication and the hard work that I put in that got me to where I was,” she told journalists.

Bennett explained that she decided to go with the afro to challenge the standards of beauty.

“I already had the afro before the competition and I just decided that I wasn’t going to change. I wasn’t going to change to meet that standard of how pageant girls should look. I also decided that no matter what happens, I’m going to give it a shot, and my hair isn’t going to be a barrier to stop me from succeeding in the pageant. As you can see, it has become the biggest asset that I have… I can’t touch it now, yuh know! I’m really happy that I made the decision to follow my mind and tell people that I can break that stigma as to how beauty queens should look.”

Bennett’s afro and overall look have caught the attention of American screenwriter and television producer Shonda Rhimes, who is responsible for hit TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Yesterday Rhimes tweeted, “I’m clearly going to need some Miss Jamaica dolls for my daughters. So they can play with a doll that shows them they are fully EVERYTHING the universe ever needed,” alongside a photograph of Bennett.

For her part, the beauty queen had words of encouragement for young girls looking on.

“Embrace who you are. You don’t have to change to meet a standard of beauty that society puts in place. You just have to be yourself. Know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made — perfectly imperfect — and that is what makes each and every one of us simply unique.”

Culture Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange, who was at the airport to welcome and congratulate Bennett, noted that her success on the international stage should serve as an inspiration to others.

“I want every single Jamaican woman out there to appreciate and understand what she symbolises and be inspired by the look, the success, the way she has been embraced. She truly reflects our motto ‘Out of Many, One People’. She is a mix of all of that. She must be a symbol out there to those who feel that they need to straighten their hair, they need to bleach, they need to change their look, [who feel] they are not beautiful enough. We are all beautiful black women and we must be proud of who we are and confident in our skin,” Grange said.

Yesterday, on her arrival at the airport, Bennett gushed on seeing the front page of the Jamaica Observer which carried the headline ‘Like a Bolt Victory’ — a story reporting on the reactions of her relatives and neighbours in Mitchell Town, Clarendon to her Miss Universe success.

“Oh my God! And they went to Mitchell Town… watch Jennie and Auntie Blackie!” she gasped as she frantically leafed through the newspaper to find the accompanying stories.

“Look at my aunts and people from my community… this is amazing,” Bennett added.


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