Cop Shoots Brother To Death On Valentines Day, How Was Yours???

Should we be shocked or mortified at this outcome?  Raw emotions are instant and so immediately you utter, ‘Oh my God’.   How often do we hear of this type of killing on the Roc?   Often enough, sad reality.

Many human beings are evil, volatile, and devoid of loyalty to the blood line.  True enough we do not choose our bloodline but clearly there are those whose stories will make you think twice about ones loyalty to ‘family’. 

With that said this particular story states of a Valentines dinner that went sour leading to the pulling of a firearm, then discharging finally dead on the spot is the brother.  This unfolded in front of their Mother and Father who apparently brought them into the World?   Was there a feud between the two siblings prior?  If there was hatred, why attend a dinner?  All unanswered questions to the public that matters naught as the tragedy cannot be reversed. The brother who committed this evil act being a Police makes no difference to me as word on the Roc is that too many Officers are licensed murderers. 

What I find alarming though is the possibility may have existed where the cop had no love for his brother and sooner or later he would have murdered him in cold blood.   He aimed for his brother’s head, not his shoulder, leg, or hands, but an area where more times than not death is sure to come.  No use in running, so he surrenders himself to his colleagues.

What kind of fate do you think this being should receive?  How do a mother and father recover from this real vision?  I am told when a parent or parents have to bury their child it is the worst pain ever?

I shudder when I imagine it all!!!!!!!!!

Cop surrenders after allegedly killing brother at dinner

(Jamaica Gleaner) Monday | February 15, 2016 | 9:55 AM
A police constable attached to the Sav-la-mar Police Station in Westmoreland has been arrested in connection with the murder of his brother, 36-year-old Mark Bernard a labourer of Hatfield District in the parish.
It is reported that around 4 p.m yesterday, Valentine’s Day, the cop and his brother were having dinner at home in Hatfield with both parents when an argument developed.
The parents reportedly intervened, however, the policeman pulled his licensed firearm and fired hitting Bernard in the forehead.
He died on the spot.
The cop then reportedly drove to the Sav-la-mar police station and surrendered.
Investigators say the policeman’s licensed firearm has been seized and statements are being collected from alleged witnesses.
A probe is also being undertaken by the Independent Commission of Investigations.
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