Charlie-Charlie Challenge – To Believe Or Not To Believe

Our memories in this country are so short, then again, with the pace at which disaster attacks us; understanding of the lack is accepted.  Not so long ago, there were reporting’s of students being under the influence of unknown spirits based on their behaviours after experimenting with some game known to attract ‘evil’.  The occult is practiced world-wide and many Jamaicans relish in this exercise. 

Do you believe there is evil and good on Planet Earth?  If your answer is yes as my own, then for the life of me why are you intent on dabbling?  Preventative measures, I fully adopt in most areas of my life, and the occult is no exception.  A Jamaican saying, ‘if u ears caan hear, u ass wi feel’.  Since we allow ourselves to be drawn to the occult and all memorabilia’s, commercial products associated with it, my response to it all is this.  ‘Wen di autoclapse ketch u, wha ever happen, u deh pon u own.  Nuh call mi, dead or alive, nuh call mi’.


Pastor warns of demon possession playing Charlie-Charlie

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, May 29, 2015 | 6:27 PM     58 Comments 

 Pastor Errol Rattray

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A noted Jamaican pastor has sounded an urgent warning about the ill-effects of playing the creeping game phenomenon Charlie-Charlie Challenge.

Errol Rattray told OBSERVER ONLINE Friday that the game should be taken very seriously, as it may release demonic elements causing the individuals who play the game to become possessed.

He also added that those who are in the environment when the game is being played may also be susceptible to the powers of the demonic elements.

“This is a situation that cannot be solved without supernatural intervention. Dabbling in the unknown opens individuals to the supernatural realm,” Rattray said.

“Young people have inquisitive minds and are very adventurous, so they are easy targets. Parents should be very wary of the places children go and their company,” Rattray advised.

Jamaica and St Lucia have banned the playing of this game in schools and advised that it should not be played at home either.

The ban follows the reported illness of students in St Lucia who played the game, which invokes demons — and reports from teachers in Jamaica of students displaying disruptive behaviour and characteristics of being possessed.

Moya Hinds

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