Case Thrown Out – Claimant Kills Defendant & Threathens Lawyer And Judge

Is this going to be the new trend called justice that only leads the perpetrator to either death or life in prison?  This seems like utter madness, unfortunately it happens in other parts of the World though surprising to us.  What is surprising to me is it appears that we are useless in apprehending the dangerous amongst us within 48 hrs much less 7 days.  Why is this so?  What is lacking in our system that prohibits the JCF from getting leads, networking among other law enforcement agencies with the view of cleaning the Streets from these dangerous people?   It seems we hear of the gruesomeness of these crimes, the audaciousness in behavior of those culpable, yet there is hardly any follow up much less guilty verdict resulting in lengthy prison sentence for these people.  More justice is apparently handed out, some excessive while others ludicrous in a certain Judge court house as is recorded in the daily papers.  However, hard core justice for hard core crime often eludes us.  Where do we start?   You know the answer to that one.  I strongly encourage the High Command to say less or rather absolutely nothing in reporting on crime until we have an execution or lengthy sentence.  In other words, start from the end if you manage to get there as opposed to starting from the beginning.

There was a time when the Police were looked upon in high esteem and revered.  How long ago was that?  How are they perceived today, from the High Command to below?   Do you feel safe with them?  Are you suspicious of them?  Will we ever be able to clear the backlog of cases in our Courts?  Will we ever scrap the jury system?  Will the DPP and the JCF work in tandem for one goal, one mission which is to create a relatively safe country for the citizens to live in?  Is every citizen entitled to justice when they are the victim of a crime regardless of the strength of their dollar?

When last have you heard this popular phrase, ‘Jamaica no problem mon’?  Give me a break and stap lie.  U well know sey a whole heap a ting tun up an it far from pretty!!!!!!!!!

Man angered by court decision also accused of murder

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, May 17, 2016     8 Comments

Superintendent David White says that the police have also increased their presence at the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court.Lemonte/Photo

SAVANNA-LA-MAR, Westmoreland — The Westmoreland police have beefed up security around a parish judge and an attorney following threats against their lives allegedly by a man who was the complainant in a matter before the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court.

Commanding Officer for the Westmoreland Police Division Superintendent David White told the Jamaica Observer yesterday that the police have also increased their presence at the Savanna-la-Mar Parish Court, and are now looking for a man who lives in the parish and who reportedly issued the threats against the lives of the attorney and the judge.

According to Superintendent White, the suspect is also wanted in connection with the shooting death of his neighbour, who was killed near his home hours after a case of unlawful wounding in which he (the suspect) was the complainant was thrown out of court last Thursday by the parish judge.

The attorney, White said, represented the man who was eventually slain in the matter.

Yesterday, Superintendent White declined to disclose the names of the parish judge and the attorney who have been threatened, citing “security reasons”, but stressed that “we have very good investigators and therefore we expect to settle this matter very quickly”.

“Basically what happened is that [the suspect] took [the victim] to court in a matter, the judge threw out the case but he [suspect] felt that it was not justifiable… [the victim] was then shot and killed and threats were then issued to the attorney and the parish judge,” Superintendent White explained.

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