Cable Calamity Indeed!!!!

This is really tragic.  Who are the cable operators to which you speak?  Are you telling me that they were not cognizant of the legalities in selling these channels?  When exactly was it established that the channels below were obtained illegally?  What brought about this sudden revelation, so much so that as early as 31st May they will be removed from viewership?

I hope cable operators will adjust the cost to packages that offer any of these channels below.  Make note, that there will be a further 79 channels that will be removed.  Let us pause here.   If they are illegal, how can you offer and charge the public for which you are not being charged?  We need clarity, we need the details.  This is not just cut and dry Broadcasting Commission.  If the cable operators did not pay for those illegal channels and the viewers were charged, then we must be reimbursed accordingly.


Full list – 19 cable channels to be removed by May 31


(Jamaica Gleaner) Published:Friday | April 24, 2015

(From left) Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Professor Hopeton Dunn and excutive director, Cordel Green at a press conference this morning.

The Broadcasting Commission has given local cable operators until May 31 to remove 19 of the 98 channels they are illegally showing.

The chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Professor Hopeton Dunn, said at another time, the commission will announce the deadline by which the remaining 79 channels must be deleted.

He was speaking in New Kingston at a press conference this morning.

1. Encore Black
2. Encore Family
3. Encore Love
4. Encore Suspense
5. Encore WAM
6. Encore Classic
7. Encore Drama
8. Encore Mystery
9. Encore Movie Plex
11. Showtime East
12. Showtime West
13. Showtime TOO
14. Showtime 2
15. Showtime Showcase
16. Starz Comedy
17. Starz West
18. Starz Kids & Family
19. Starz Multiplex

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