Brooklyn Supermarket Closed – Health Department Ordered

How many more food outlets are subject to scrutiny resulting in an action as this?  On the Roc there is no shortage of sellers of food produce cooked, uncooked, perishables and nonperishables, yet the state of the premises makes you ponder if health inspectors truly exist.  These locations are not hidden, in fact they are in plain sight both surrounding commercial and residential spaces.  While we have heard many cries of ‘shut down’ rarely we have seen any action.  Providing my memory is accurate that is.

In general, there are places you venture into to buy the simplest of item, and one would be appalled at the state of the premises inside.  The storage of meats, the smell leaves much to be desired, through it all, thriving business is evidenced.  What would constitute an order of closure for this popular supermarket while others on the surface is doing business as usual in what appears to be filth and grime?  As opposed to allowing our imaginations to run wild with speculations, I would think outlining the list of breeches would be for the good of the people.   After all, this is health and you are what you inhale and consume.

Health department closes Brooklyn Supermarket on Constant Spring Road

(Jamaica Gleaner) Saturday | November 26, 2016 | 1:48 pm

 Brooklyn Supermarket on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew has been ordered closed by the Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Department for not complying with health regulations.

The department posted a notice on the building yesterday-the same day the closure took effect.

“There should be no operation involving preparation or sale of food items during the period of closure,” read the notice which the health department said if removed, would constitute an offence..

The convicted offender could be fined up to $1,000,000 or sentenced to 12 months in imprisonment.

The notice cited Brooklyn Supermarket’s “non-compliance” under the Public Health (Food Handling) Regulations 1998 and (Nuisance) Regulations 1995, Amendment 2001.

No detail was offered on the breaches.

The health department said the notice will remain in force “until further advised”.

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