British Prime Minister Is On The Roc!!!!!

We hosted President Obama of the United States of America, we now have the British PM on a one day visit; next in line will be the Japanese PM on Wednesday.

This administration is certainly attracting the dignitaries of the highest order to our Land.  What exactly does it all mean?  Reparation is on the lips of almost every commentator, some politicians and one wonders how it will all pan out.  One thing is for certain it will be noted that since signing a new agreement with the IMF doors are being opened even though we are still not seeing the results fast enough.  It is my view that whether we want to buy what is being sold, understand that ‘if u want good u belly affi run’.   We have lived many decades on a high consumption diet making us morbid obese on the precipice of death.  There is going to be no quick fix and no exponential growth as our greatest asset is our people and sad to say too many mindset is of the ‘get rich quick mentality’.

It suits us out of lack of personal responsibility to focus on the last 20 + years versus reflecting on the last 50 with a purpose of correcting our mistakes with the sole intent of making it better if not for this generation but the next one to come.  I am afraid that is asking too much as our people much rather dig up the grave yard, wake the dead and lecture and postulate on what could have been as opposed to what can be.  I am not sounding hopeless, I have all the hope but realism sets in and defines for me that we are in fact our own worst enemies.


PHOTO: Cameron signs guest book

(Jamaica Observer) Tuesday, September 29, 2015 | 7:40 PM 

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller observes as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron signs the guest book at the Office of the Prime Minister, in Kingston, today, prior to holding bilateral discussions. Cameron, who arrived today, is on a one-day official visit.
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