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If a section of the building did not collapse under construction injuring several labourers, the people of this Country would be none the wiser of this latest revelation.  Now we are given a somewhat vital report alleging that the engineering company Theresstra is not registered with our local board Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB) therefore building properties is illegal to do so.  Seeitdeh…………………….

Who should we be most angry at?  I will tell you…………..the people who are placed in government entities, and others who are knowledgeable of breeches that sit on their asses collecting paychecks waiting for an opportunity to play the blame game.  How long has Theresstra been in Jamaica?  11 years and we are just now told they are not registered to carry out engineering works.    Apparently the only requirement foreign investors need to qualify for doing business in this country is a race and ethnicity opposite to our own. Money to hand and wala, work permit is granted.  That is their clearance to do whatever kind of business they choose as long as the dollars keep rolling it appears.  So this is how we run business on the Roc since we are sooo desperate for money due to our own waste and excessive way of living above our means.  Living above our means that in debt we are willing to have give aways in the form of endorsing freeness mentality when we are in no position to do so.

Desperate people do desperate things.  It is clear that in our bid to grow our tourist industry as that is our main source of foreign exchange; we will cut costs even if it is at the expense of human lives.  Where is the Union in all of this?  They are usually up in arms about some issue or other and now they are silent.  Who are representing the workers?  There should be a law suit in the millions of dollars US that is.  As for PERB, you are no better than the government agency that granted work permits and I guess renew to this company without checking to ensure that they are fit to carry out engineering and construction works on our soil.  I am sick and tired of pronouncements which are trying to extricate self after the fact.  Where was your action prior?  If there was not a serious accident resulting in near fatalities, we would not have heard from you?  As for the Parish Council in that region, were you in the dark about this company?  If you were, another example of why Jamaica is where they are after 52 years of Independence.

Eleven (11) striking years’ operating in Jamaica and not registered with our local Board, give me a bloody break.  We too licky licky and frighten for all things hmmmmmm.  It is time somebody pays heavily so it be an example for others to do the job they are paid to do, and not get paid whether by kickbacks not to do their jobs.

Engineering company working on Royalton construction not registered with local regulators

(Jamaica Gleaner) Wednesday | May 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Therrestra Limited Jamaica, the contractors working on the construction of the Blue Diamond Royalton hotel, where sections of a building collapsed and injured construction workers yesterday, is not registered with the Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB).

The fact that the company is not authorised by the body charged under the Professional Engineers Registration Act, with responsibility of regulating the practice of engineering in Jamaica, is of great concern to PERB board member Dr Noel Brown, who made the revelation to The Gleaner yesterday afternoon.

“I have checked the records and that company is not registered with the PERB,” Brown said.

Labour Minister Shahine Robinson confirmed that Therrestra Ltd, an overseas division of the Dominican Republic-based Therrestra Group, was granted work permits before her appointment as portfolio minister and that technical officials from the ministry have been doing periodic inspections of the Royalton Negril construction site.

A search of the Companies Office of Jamaica database shows that the company was registered in October 2005.

Brown is, however, contending that the company has not sought the approval of PERB during the past 11 years in which it has been operating in Jamaica.

He also argued that work permits granted by the Ministry of Labour to foreign firms are not enough to authorise them to carry out engineering and construction works in Jamaica.

“We have told the ministry that they cannot offer work permits to these people without sending the information to us so that we can assess. This is critical because, what if the ministry gives out a work permit and then when we look at their qualifications, we don’t deem them qualified to carry on engineering work in the country?” he asked.

Brown further argued that Therrestra is in contravention of the law and that its action highlights long-standing issues that PERB has had with the practice of foreign firms operating in Jamaica solely on the basis of work permits granted by the Ministry of Labour.

“With that work permit, you can’t do engineering works. If you get that work permit, what you need to do is come to us and then you apply to carry on engineering work, because that is the only board that can authorise anyone in Jamaica to do engineering works. It’s the law,” he said.

Up to press time, calls made by The Gleaner to Danilo Arias, director of operations for Therrestra Ltd Jamaica, went unanswered

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