Blasted Backwards With Modern Day Certification!!!

Are you out of your ‘cotton picking mind’?  Why is it in 2016 we are still carrying out road works as if the masses are still using ‘pit toilet’?  Why don’t you commission the works do be done between 8.00pm – 5.00am Monday – Fridays.  On Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon – mid night staggering the hours with your work force?   Twelve (12) months to do that stretch of Road you believe is reasonable to motorist for the insurmountable inconvenience it will cause?  I am sure you are well aware that the business community traverse along Marcus Garvey Drive with frequency. Considering the only financial institutions that are close, are on or off Hagley Park Road and within the Harbour Street vicinity.  Is this what you call a ‘paradigm shift’ in how business is done on the Roc?

Am I to infer that this is through design in an attempt to stretch out the road works during sociable hours employing but a handful of laborer’s then further on make pronouncements about delays in completion?  Motorists should not have to expect any delays whatsoever.  You should carry out these works at night time.  Unemployment is an issue, and if you were to employ more persons to cover the longer work hours, then you could have this job done within 4-6 months.   We really are hell bent on inefficiency and refuse to take road works into the century we are presently living in.  I can clearly remember over a decade ago when the Portmore Toll was being built.  It was done during the night.  I said to a friend of mine at the time when we were in that vicinity how bright the lights were as we observed men at work.  One would have sworn it was 8.00am in the morning and not the dead of night.  Who constructed the Portmore Toll Road back then?  Who will be carrying out these works now?

The problem with our people is that those who will be affected most do absolutely nothing.  As a result these ‘nincompoop’ can pronounce anything and we just lap it up like ‘lap dwags’.  I think it is fitting to say 10 steps forward, 100 steps backwards with this revelation.


Widening of Marcus Garvey Drive starts next Monday

(Jamaica Observer) Friday, March 18, 2016    

THE National Works Agency (NWA) will, beginning next Monday, commence the multimillion dollar reconstruction work along Marcus Garvey Drive in St Andrew.

The work on the 2.4 kilometre stretch — between East Avenue and Harbour Street, Kingston — is expected to last approximately 12 months.

Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the NWA Stephen Shaw said that among the benefits at the completion of the project will be the:

• Widening of approximately 2.44km of the roadway between East Avenue and Harbour Street. This will see the number of available lanes moving from four to six;

• Installation of sidewalks on both sides of the road;

• Construction of a median to properly separate eastbound and westbound traffic;

• Realignment of a section of the corridor to improve the transition into Harbour Street;

• Installation/upgrading of seven traffic signals with pedestrian facilities;

• Widening of two box culverts/bridges to accommodate the additional lanes;

• Improvement of drainage infrastructure along the corridor;

• Addition of a new base layer and asphaltic concrete;

• Provision of street lights; and

• Installation of requisite signs and road markings.

Shaw said that in general, when the project is completed, motorists can expect a 30 per cent improvement in the travel time along the corridor and controlled intersections with left in and left out manoeuvres, thereby eliminating conflict points along the corridor.

Sections of Marcus Garvey Drive have regularly been impacted by flooding and the project will also serve to have this mitigated with the improvement in the drainage infrastructure.

“… The road will be lifted by as much as three feet in sections and that a stabilised concrete base will be used in its construction. This will further enhance the quality of the road, which will be constructed at a cost of US$20.5 million,” said Shaw.

In the meantime, Shaw said that the road will be kept opened, while the project is being executed, however, members of the public should expect some delays.

He said that the nature of the work being undertaken will see heavy equipment being on the site and at times, not all lanes will be available for use by the motoring public.

“Persons are, therefore, being advised to make travel plans bearing in mind the likely impact of the works,” said Shaw. Some 40,000 vehicles travel along Marcus Garvey Drive daily.

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