Black On Black Slavery – As We Address Reparation, Let Us Deal With This ‘Elephant’ That is Very Real!!!!

The hardest thing for black people is to admit, they are as much racist as those that wronged the Black race.  Whether you want to call it classism, ‘shadeism’, the sad reality is black people say black is beautiful but it has become a ‘slogan’ rather than a belief.  We suffer from self hate which transcends into mis trust and on the Island the famous saying ‘anything too black nuh good’ is still regurgitated endlessly.   So while we blame rightly so, let us take a look in our own back yards and be honest about the role black people played in Slavery and the many that continue to play the race card game in this 21st century. 

My new slogan is ‘reverse racism’ and that is when the blacks cannot believe their own success that they continually flex their muscles, inflate their egos and chant; ‘do you not know who I am?  Who do you think you are speaking to?  The only difference between some blacks and ‘massa’ is that they may not whip you (I hope) and may not refer to you directly as ‘boy or, nigger’.  I am not aware of Kings and Queens who are financially poor are you?.  In the Continent of Africa, Kings and Queens reigned and still do I am told.



Couple jailed in UK after enslaving man for 24 years

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LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) – A couple were starting six-year jail terms in Britain Tuesday after keeping a Nigerian man as a slave for nearly 25 years.

Emmanuel Edet, a 61-year-old doctor, and his wife Antan Edet, a nurse aged 58, told immigration officials that Ofonime Sunday Inuk was their son when they brought him into Britain in 1989.

But they forced him to work unpaid as a “houseboy” for up to 17 hours a day, cooking, cleaning, gardening and looking after their children, London’s Harrow Crown Court heard.

In 2013, he finally managed to alert a charity to what was going on when the couple went to Nigeria for Christmas. They were arrested in March 2014.

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